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China Finally Gives Donald Trump The Huge Cock He’s Always Wanted

Look at the size of that thing.
It was ALL A DREAM! Or was it?!!!!? Suddenly, she was run over by a truck.

Maureen Dowd Writes A Short Story About Donald Trump, Gets C-Minus In Fiction 101

Maureen Dowd decided to write a funny story about Donald Trump. If we had to suffer through it, so do you.
OK, so maybe there's a little problem there

Trump-Pence Campaign Sends Dumb F*cking ‘TP’ Logo Down The Memory Hole After One Day

The Trump-Pence campaign has pulled the plug on its hilariously inept logo. Bye, stupid logo! Bye!
It's actually really irritating, no matter how it's packaged

Let’s All Point And Laugh At The Stupid Ugly Trump-Pence Logo!

There's something rather odd about the Trump/Pence 2016 logo. Can you spot it?

Donald Trump Rises Firm And Hard To Sue Artist Who Painted Him With Itty-Bitty Peener

If you've haunted the Interwebs regularly, you've probably already seen Los Angeles artist Illma Gore's now-infamous painting of a nude Donald Trump as a would-be emperor (and a less than impressively endowed one, at that) with no clothes on...
It is exactly like that scene from the movie about corporate drudgery, see?

For His Next Trick, Ted Cruz Will Ruin ‘Office Space’ And Geto Boys Forever

The Ted Cruz campaign dropped yet another of its efforts to coopt and taint all of American popular culture Friday, this time with an anti-Hillary Clinton ad ripping off a scene from Mike Judge's Office Space, even accompanied by...

Ted Cruz’s Ad Looks Just Like SNL’s Fake Ads, Except Terrible, Not Funny

Ted Cruz continues his unprovoked war of aggression against American popular culture tonight with his campaign's alleged tribute to Saturday Night Live's fake ads. We have some bad news and some good news: The bad news is that it...
Somebody set up us the dong!

Is America Ready For This French Retro-Porn Sci-Fi Parody? Your Saturday Nerdout

The weekends are for rest, relaxation, and catching up on binge-watching The Walking Dead (yes, even Season 5). Oh, and maybe doing something about that mass of matter in the kitchen sink before it achieves self-awareness and launches Judgment...
You're looking at a guy who knows cool

Fox News Thinker Greg Gutfeld: Stephen Colbert Would Be Nothing Without Us (And Our F**kups)

Following Stephen Colbert's big finale on the Colbert Report, the thought leaderers of Fox's The Five shared their thoughts on Colbert's sendoff. Dana Perino and Kimberly Guilfoyle thought it would have been a nice touch if Bill O'Reilly had...
There's a cute li'l kitten on this post. You've been warned.

Chuck C. Johnson Had Busy Weekend Looking Even Stupider, If That’s Possible

Scabrous taint weasel Chuck C. Johnson was at it again this weekend. And by “at it again,” we mean falling for Internet hoaxes and old parody newspaper stories, threatening to sue people for libel, giving interviews so full of...
Never get out of the sandcrawler. Goddamn right!

Jedi Activists Fight Street Mind-Tricks With Inspiring Video

Oh, sure, it's been a little while since the "10 Hours of a Woman Walking in NYC" video was Quite The Big Deal, but it's never too late for a really good parody. And here is an admirable one:...
Night of the Loving Dread?

HI-larious Irish Marriage Equality Ad Warns Of The Coming Gaypocalypse

This terribly cute promo for the LGBT Noise March in Dublin, scheduled for this Sunday, riffs on horror movie themes, presenting the videotaped testament of John and Mary, hetero survivors of the Gaypocalypse, who have barricaded themselves inside their...
There's nothing about Common Core hre, but we like the picture

Louisiana Tea Party Pretty Sure Common Core Makes Kids Gay, Since Fake News Site Said So

The Tea Party of Louisiana does not like Common Core, not one darn bit! And on Monday, it issued a deeply disappointed and angry denunciation of Sen. David Vitter for supporting the standards, since the tea partiers had "always...
He's a fine one to talk -- he's quitting too

Stephen Colbert Lurves The Sarah Palin Channel Almost As Much As We Do

Stephen Colbert is just thrilled that Sarah Palin has started a new online TV channel where you can spend $9.95 a month to see her do "exactly what she's always done, only -- mmm-- nothing else." And sure, maybe...

Weird Al Yankovic Goes All Grammar Nazi With New ‘Blurred Lines’ Parody (Video)

Mr. Alfred Matthew Yankovic has released his ninety-seven gazillionth album, Mandatory Fun, and who are we to suddenly develop "good taste" and not just wallow around in enjoying the mostly-amusing silliness that Weird Al occasionally flings out against the...

John Oliver Gives GM The Cripplingly Dangerous Ad It Deserves (Video)

John Oliver's Last Week Tonight had some fun with one of the weirder artifacts to come out of the investigation into General Motors' defective cars: a list of banned words that GM didn't want employees using in emails or...