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Have you played Candy Crush? Are you addicted to the rush of winning the lower levels, only to be driven mad by the higher, completely unfinishable levels? You’re not alone. Soon, though, you won’t be able to salve your wounded ego by playing other candy-themed games, because Candy Crush manufacturer King Ltd. trademarked the word […]

Our good, decent, compassionate brethren on the right are always screaming and wailing about Paris Hilton’s god-given right to never work a day in her life because some fringe Mad Men character made a lot of money once, and taxing her on her inheritance means taxing DEATH ITSELF. We all know that His Lord High […]

Mad Men,, Glee and Paris Hilton’s arrest in Las Vegas for (allegedly!) dropping a sack of coke when the cops pulled her over — these are the three things America paid attention to this weekend, instead of Glenn Beck’s WalMart Parking Lot Jamboree. [Washington Post]

TH-THAT'S N-NOT HOT  1:18 pm August 7, 2008

by Ken Layne

BLACK AND WHITE: The American People see Barack Obama’s ads as positive, hopeful messages of hopefulness, while John McCain’s commercials are universally seen as cheap, bitter little sacks of negative bile. That’s why 48% of The People are tired of hearing about Obama. [UPI]

Important news from the Wonkette Inbox(!): “Today on, Dayo Olopade offers the definitive fact-check of Paris Hilton’s energy recommendations in her new ‘campaign’ video. While Hilton’s video is perhaps a humorous response to McCain’s recent ‘celebrity’ ad featuring her likeness, Olopade concludes that even Paris, alas, gets the facts wrong on offshore drilling.” While […]

Oh that wacky Paris Hilton, seizing on the moment. Here she is wearing a creepy swimming gown and responding to John McCain’s dumb ad about her in an internet video from some comedy website we’ve never heard of. Top story on Drudge? Mission accomplished, obviously. [Funny Or Die]

We told you how Paris Hilton’s grandfather and dad were furious about John McCain’s idiot commercial comparing Barack Obama to white party girls, which was the horrible stunt that finally brought RACE into America’s colorblind politics. But now Paris’ own mom, Kathy Hilton, has published her terse tirade against the campaign her ultra-rich family once […]

John McCain and his loser friends are all racists, which we know because they made an ad with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton but not Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods, David Beckham or The Police. Can you even believe it. Back here on Planet Earth, however, there actually was some pretty clear racial shit coming out […]

There’s been a hilarious debate on the Internet the last couple of days, as per usual, about whether the McCain “Celeb” ad was Racist because it chose two young white gals, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, as Barack Obama’s alter egos instead of the actual two most famous celebrities in the world. It is, apparently, […]

While everybody else was laughing at that ridiculous Paris Hilton/Obama ad the McCain people released yesterday, at least two very wealthy Republican donors were furious: William Barron Hilton and Rick Hilton, Paris’ grandfather and father.

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Buy Barbara Bush’s Phone!

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