pamela geller

High on our list of people we could do without is Pamela Geller, who unlike many popular figures on the extreme right really seems to believe her own hateful, attention-seeking nonsense. Like this marvel (do not click), in which she masterfully (that’s a synonym for awkwardly, right?) links Tom Perez, the Dread Hitler Obama’s nominee […]

The last 12 months have not been so kind to the screeching osprey of pathological racism known as Pamela Geller. Last June her cat sat on the keyboard (or something) and released a stream of consciousness post on her blog that sounded like David Duke trying to do a Captain Beefheart cover after mixing Peyote and […]

If you’ve noticed the acrid smell of gelled hair burning today, that’s the scent of the conservative world en fuego. The battle for the hearts and minds of the worst Americans is on, and it pits the terrible against the even more terrible. At the center of the fight is Pamela Geller, who can most […]

Vision of loveliness Pamela Geller has taken a break from inciting crazy people to push Sikh dudes into the path of oncoming trains to wonder why West Point is being so mean to “loyal Americans” who just want to violently overthrow the United States government and/or kill some mud people! It is not like the […]

You would think that we could no longer be surprised by either Pamela Geller or WND, but this did set us back on our ripe yet slender haunches: How long do Jews have in Obama’s America? How long before we can’t walk down the street with a kippah or a Star of David? This is […]

Everybody hates Atlas Shrugs 2000 dot typepad dot com hateblogger Pamela Geller’s super-racist subway ads. Everybody except this hero, Pamela Hall, proprietress of the Vigilant Squirrel Brigade dot blogspot dot com, who bravely used her body to shield the super-racist subway ads from a marauding “Islamic supremacist.” Wait, an Islamic supremacist? Yes, according to totally […]

This is the greatest destruction of individual liberty since Dred Scott. This is the end of America as we know it. No exaggeration. — benshapiro (@benshapiro) June 28, 2012 It’s really kind of sad that Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro put up this tweet mere minutes after the ultra-conservative Supreme Court approved socialist healthcare in America […]

SHARIA ALERT, THREE SIRENS. Coming to D.C.: “Qatari” Muslim supremacists are building a giant super-mosque “shopping center” (whatever the hell “Qatari” is, probably the name of bin Laden’s favorite sock brand), and it will suck dimwitted consumers into its shops and brainwash them with lessons on how to be oppressed. Oh, whatever. Maybe they will […]

The mentally ill work hard for their crazy, yet these days they’re easily exploited for profit by politicians and reality television shows. And it’s not just slimy broken human beings who take advantage of them, it’s also the mentally ill titans of the conspiracy theory industry: Big Crazy. Glenn Beck, the greatest titan of them […]

Top GZ Mosk bigotry advocate Pamela Geller is always on the lookout for Sharia sneaking into American law, which is why she sleeps at night with one arm around stacks of legal code and the other holding a shotgun. When she ran across the fake website James O’Keefe set up for his “NPR employees also […]