John F. Kennedy was assassinated forty-seven years ago today. Where were you when you read The Warren Report, and then laughed? We will probably never know if H. L. Hunt hired Blackwater to shoot JFK in the head, but most people reject the Oswald conspiracy theories and have accepted that President Handsomepants’ violent murder was […]

Ariel Sharon, who had a major stroke while prime minister of Israel nearly five years ago and has since been in a coma in a hospital room, was moved on Friday to his ranch in the Negev Desert, hospital officials told Israel Radio. He will wake up in twenty years and be unsurprised how much […]

President Obama criticized Israel for its approval of new settlements in East Jerusalem today, which is surprising not because Jews should be allowed to have whatever land they want, because of the Bible, but because Obama hates the Jews and their rightful country. Or perhaps, considering he said this in Indonesia, Obama was just afraid […]

Apparently Barack Obama had a sweet vacation, because he’s glowing with optimism and just can’t wait to “cure” the Middle East of its eternal sadness. We wish you luck, sir: President Obama is meeting with Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian leaders on Wednesday to jump-start Middle East peace talks. He’ll have separate meetings in the […]

Pajamas Media is still updating its website, somehow, and today we have IMPORTANT NEWS about the front page of another Internet website. It seems Huffington Post has EVILLY CROPPED A PHOTO of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu so that it looks like he has ANTLERS! Wait, DEVIL HORNS! DEVIL HORNS! That’s it. This kind journalist has […]

Forget the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Jordan is Palestine,” said Dutch guy Geert Wilders, leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom. “Changing its name to Palestine will end the conflict in the Middle East and provide the Palestinians with an alternate homeland.” Next time Palestinians look at a map they are going to feel so silly! […]

Hundreds of protesters waved signs and flags and stuff at the Port of Oakland on Sunday because an Israeli cargo ship was coming in and this was the most important way they could protest Israel for some reason. Longshoremen refused to cross the “picket line” of weirdos because apparently it had some union backing. In […]

Vice President Joe Biden did two things Wednesday night: He went on the Charlie Rose interview show to defend Israel’s attack on the humanitarian flotilla trying to bring supplies to walled-off Gaza, and he attended some Sesame Street gala event. Which of these things are not like the other? Both of them, as you can […]

Obama told Chinese teenagers about the uncensored Internet, a mediocre collection of re-purposed AP articles and some videos that generally people only like when it’s not available.  [New York Times] Over at some United Nations summit, everyone bonded about how much they hate hunger but declined to throw any money at the problem. [AP] Starting […]

The health care debate’s fifteen minutes are finally, finally up. Ugh, do you even remember all that? Anyway, Obama will now solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, America’s original synonym for “unable to be fixed with one swift gesture.” Obama’s (alleged!) new peace plan includes TEN swift gestures, which he will (allegedly!) present at a peace conference […]

Very funny things happen when Mike Huckabee opens his mouth and says words about foreign policy. Remember the above clip from one of those hilarious 2008 GOP primary debates? He just had no idea what to say! And things don’t seem to have changed much, given today’s very confident declaration of no-peace.

Think tanks have this magical ability to fix all the evil in the world, just by thinking. This week they solve the Middle East crisis (ABOUT TIME) and explain how the financial crisis has affected everyone from children to small animals to the newest crop of starving, underpaid/unpaid interns in DC.  And the Heritage Foundation […]

Friday, Feb. 27: The Ramallah-based Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque perform Alive from Palestine: Stories Under Occupation, a “response to the conflict of their homeland.” A reviewer from The Independent in London calls it something between “news and propaganda,” but it’s kind of hard to imagine Hamas coming up with something so creative (although, Hamas Mouse […]

Remember when those nuts on the right, Michelle Malkin and Charles Johnson, condemned beloved fast food bakery Dunkin’ Donuts for letting teevee chef Rachael Ray wear a Palestinian scarf in this ad? Dunkin’ Donuts first released a statement saying that no, it was not the Palestinian kaffiyeh design at all, just paisley, and a SCARF. […]