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Tag: pakistan

So Did You Hear How A Fake News Story Almost Started A Nuclear War Last Week?

One of these days these fake news stories are going to cause trouble. More trouble. Like, bad trouble.
Not like any clock she's ever seen.

Exactly How Many Jobs Can Sarah Palin Quit? Wonkagenda, Thursday, December 1, 2016

Obama's still got some game, Sarah Palin begs for a job, and Trump's Twitter feed! Your daily news brief!

Why Can’t Man-Baby Donald Trump Use Nuclear Weapons, WHY WHY WHY??? A Wonksplainer

Trump reportedly asked a foreign policy expert THREE TIMES IN ONE HOUR why he's not allowed to nuke everything. THREE TIMES.
Or maybe it's actually about ethics in games journalism

CNN’s Brian Stelter Kicks Ass Of Trumpkin Insisting Fight With Khan Family Somehow About Terrorism

CNN's Brian Stelter came dangerously close to doing a journalism on a Trump aide Sunday. These things happen sometimes, but not often enough to worry about.
That might explain a lot, actually

Trump’s Top Christian Dude Stopped A Tsunami By Yelling At It One Time, No Lie

Donald Trump's "liaison on Christian policy," Frank Amedia, is a powerful man of God who does faith healings on TV (offscreen, at least), and kept the 2011 jJapanese tsunami from hurting anyone. In Hawaii.

Texas Muslin Ain’t Want None A-Them Fake Hindu Gods Muckin’ Up His Dairy Queen

A Dairy Queen owner in Texas has come under public fire for posting really bigoted signs about someone else's religion. OH BOY, it's Texas, must mean another Christian shitting on Muslims, we're so tired of -- wait, the asshat...
History's Greatest Monster, 2016 Edition

Justice Department OK With Hillary Clinton Deleting Emails About How She Did Benghazi

Know all those emails where Hillary Clinton was like "Dear Bill and Chelsea: I JUST DID BENGHAZI," and "Sure, Meryl Streep, I am all the way down for brunch, but FIRST I HAVE TO DO BENGHAZI," and "Dear Huma...
No, don't apply for jihad, koala bear! Don't do it!

So You Think You Can Be An Al Qaeda? Show Us What You Got.

The Obama administration dumped some documents on Wednesday related to the raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan, which SUPPOSEDLY resulted in the many-shots-fired-to-the-face killing of Osama bin Laden, if you're willing to believe the lamestream media. Seems the administration would like to poke some...
Clearly photoshopped, since as we all know, Obama was actually out golfing

Breaking: Anonymous Source Says Obama Lied About Bin Laden Raid, Everything In Universe

Super-Journalist Seymour Hersh has published a hell of a story in the London Review of Books about the killing of Osama bin Laden that, had it actually included any significant sources willing to go on the record, would totally...

Kick-Ass Teenager Wins Nobel Peace Prize. What Have You Done With Your Life?

Ok, people, time to turn the snark off for just a little bit. We have some GOOD news to report. The Nobel Peace Prize winners were announced. We’re guessing that recent events took the Palin family out of consideration,...
Oh the hilarity!

John Oliver: America Loves Cheap And Deadly Drones Because Cheap And Deadly (Video)

Now that he's done in-depth comedy reports on nuclear weapons and student debt, we're no longer surprised when John Oliver uses deadly serious subject matter. It can only be a matter of time before he gets to Ebola at...

The Blaze Discovers Scary Terrorist Book, In English, On Texas Border

Hot on the heels of the big Breitbart scoop about that "Muslim prayer rug" (cleverly disguised as a shirt) found on the Arizona/Mexico border, the good folks at Glenn Beck's Internet Tendency went looking for some terrorist detritus of...

‘Home Grown’ Jihadis And Invisible Gorillas About Equally Dangerous To U.S. Americans

Blogging is largely a matter of finding the right stuff to write about. For instance, we see that the Washington Post has a new political science blog feature called "The Monkey Cage" -- from the H.L. Mencken quote, "Democracy...

Malala Yousafzai Celebrates Her 16th Birthday at U.N., Makes Us Almost Not Cynical For A Little Bit

Life is rough sometimes, what with mancave workplaces and grading badly-written memos and even exploding foamy pig shit sometimes. But then people like Malala Yousafzai come along and make us feel grateful that the worst most of us have...

Barry Xmas, War Is Over! A Wonkette Think Peace

We know it's been a few days since Barack Obama's boldly redefined / slightly modified / utterly capitulated in the War On Terror, but since Yr. Editrix said that a good "think piece analysis" is allowed to be late,...

The Wonkette Geopoliticker: Our Favorite Cold War

Our favorite war right now is definitely India vs. Pakistan up on a glacier in the Himalayas, but it might be coming to an end. For those few who don't know, India has been actually at war with Pakistan...