TRIGGER WARNING: It appears that several states are following the law as laid out in the new farm bill to… wait for it… help poor people eat!!!!1!1! Oh, the humanity! Are you outraged? Are you clutching your pearls while your panties bunch themselves in a wad? We should have warned for earmuffs for all children, […]

Kentucky Democrats can say goodbye to any hope of ousting Mitch McConnell, now that the state’s chapter of College Republicans have posted this shocking video of Kentucky Secretary of State and senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes being picked up at the airport by her husband. The video shows her sitting in the back seat of […]

Does anyone know what the greatest threat to our Republic is today? Could it be the ever-expanding power of the unitary executive? Income inequality? Exploding health care costs? High unemployment? Marshmallows? No, silly Wonket. Everyone knows it is spending. Specifically spending on the White House by King Obama XVI and his wife Michelle Antoinnette, who […]

If there is one musical group that we know defends Real American Values, it’s Lynyrd Skynyrd. They bravely stood up for segregation and other forms of awesomeness, and while Jimmy Carter’s CIA managed to kill most of the original members in an “accidental” plane crash, a new version of the band was formed during the […]

First the lunch Nazis came in their moon buggies to force healthier school meals on children with a tyrannical attempt to redefine pizza sauce as “not a vegetable.” They lost! So now the lunch Nazis are back again to wage a devious new battle that is confusingly the total opposite of the previous one: They […]

It appears that this country might actually continue to exist for a little while, so our FLOTUS Michelle Obama will probably come out of hiding now, to politely suggest that everyone wipe their tears, put down the anusburgers and jump on a treadmill. Of course, America never likes these sort of suggestions from the First […]

Our Michelle spent last week drinking her way around the world, or more specifically, in Europe. She went there to hang out with that Kate lady and wear different outfits so that the Internet could vote about who was fancier. (The correct answer is that FLOTUS is always fancier. Always.) But even when our FLOTUS […]

CIRCLES WITHIN CIRCLES  5:41 pm July 27, 2010

by Ken Layne

DAVE WEIGEL LANDS AT WASHINGTON POST WEBZINE: The long, weird, dumb career journey of Teabagger Beat hero Dave Weigel has ended, for now: Having been pushed off the Washington Post weblog to great outrage a month or whenever ago, Weigel has now been hired by the other weblog owned by the Washington Post, Slate.com. [Via […]

UPDATE: MCCHRYSTAL IS FIRED. PETRAEUS REPLACES HIM. If George Washington was still commander in chief, Stanley McChrystal would be swinging from the gallows today. But no, we’ve got Barack Obama, who has to have scheduled meetings with everybody, while John Adams seethes in the hallway. And any moment now, Obama will step out to tell […]

Fox News and the popular entertainment press have conspired to kill off Sarah Palin’s “Boob-Gate.” It’s over and finished, done, no more fun, no more page views, basically the end of America — but not really, because Palin herself had to get in a cutesy teevee reacharound with her Scientologist enabler Greta Van Susteren before […]

Well hooray for them, they actually showed some cojones — that’s hip hop for “backbone” — and the principal got himself some principles somewhere.

You could see this one coming: “Helen Thomas announced Monday that she is retiring, effective immediately. Her decision came after her controversial comments about Israel and the Palestinians were captured on videotape and widely disseminated on the Internet.”

Vice President Joe Biden did two things Wednesday night: He went on the Charlie Rose interview show to defend Israel’s attack on the humanitarian flotilla trying to bring supplies to walled-off Gaza, and he attended some Sesame Street gala event. Which of these things are not like the other? Both of them, as you can […]

Colorado whiner/Democrat Andrew Romanoff just keeps demanding fancy political appointments from everyone, from the governor to the president, and wah wah if he doesn’t get what he wants he’ll just run against the Democrat Senator from Colorado, because that’s what widdle cwy-babies do when nobody changes their diapers fast enough. In his home state, it […]

Some communist somewhere is circulating this old AP newspaper clipping claiming that the sainted Reagan Administration did that thing that every political leadership has done since the Dawn of Politics, and frankly it’s insulting to the memory of The Gipper to even suggest his White House would’ve offered an ambassadorship or administration job to a […]