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CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on “The Late Show,” leaving one really important question unanswered: if Stephen Colbert becomes David Letterman, who then will be Stephen Colbert? Never fear. We’ve compiled an incisive and trenchant and helpful list of 13 People Who Should Be Your New Stephen Colbert. We were […]

Now with Important Update! Drudge Sirens! See End of Post! We thought that nothing could make us happier than the news that Victoria Jackson was running for local office in Tennessee. But now we see that Birth Certificate Goddess Orly Taitz, DDSquire, has filed to run for Attorney General of California. We don’t know what […]

Remember back last week when we had some explosive totally fake news about how Big Bill Clinton totally did Elizabeth Hurley, but it was a lie from a completely drug-addled Tom Sizemore? Yeah, that is so over. The new hottness is that Bamz is totally getting it on with Beyonce. Today in WHAT?????!!!!, a French […]

If you were feeling like you really weren’t confused or exasperated enough yet today, Orly Taitz is here to help! It looks like there is trouble in birther paradise, what with one of Sheriff Joe’s minions, Reverend Carl Gallups — whose website helpfully offers you a guide to determine whether you are in a cult […]

Remember way back on Monday when we lawsplained to you how inveterate fabulist Stephen Glass did not get to be a lawyer in California because of the ceaseless lying (and racisms!), and you guys were all like OH YEAH WHAT ABOUT BIRTHER QUEEN ORLY TAITZ, HMMM? SHE IS STILL A LAWYER, HENNNGGHH? We do not […]

What with all the other craziness that has gone on in Washington this fall, it only makes sense that Our Great Leader and Guiding Star of the Heavens Barack Obama would choose this moment to start quietly knocking off all the people involved in covering up the provenance of his obviously forged long-form birth certificate. […]

On Monday, we had a laugh and a cringe at Mia Marie Pope, who knows in her heart, her gut, and her brain that is full of things that definitely happened that Barack Obama is a drug-doing homosexer with more fake Social Security numbers than an Applebee’s kitchen. But wouldn’t you know it, we were […]

Remember the good old days of the 1990s? The economy did not suck as hard, the NRA supported universal background checks, and seemingly every month there was a new awesomely insane story about the Clintons that the news would haphazardly run on prime time without even the semblance of fact checking. Things were pretty sweet […]

Welp, we haven’t written anything about Orly Taitz in…(checks archives) A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK! Readers, what have you been doing? Are you bereft? Are you weeping? Are you yearning, deeply, for new Orly Taitz news? Of course you are! Wonkers, it’s cool, she’s just gonna arrest the president.

Oh, Orly. Oh dear. Perhaps when you have four lives as a birther/realtor/dentist/lawyer, it does not seem so odd to claim that Barack Obama has a secret body double somewhere in Indonesia — or is himself the secret body double, in the White House, and the real Barack Obama might be dead somewhere? But the […]

Help! We are having trouble keeping track of all the crazy shit that weird melted plastic creature lawyer Orly Taitz has done. We need some sort of Orly Taitz tracker, or day planner, or iPhone app. Just last month, she lawsplained to us all that if a judge won’t force a private college to reveal […]

Well, it has happened AGAIN! Some treason-loving judge has decided that an Orly Taitz Lawsuit Special did not seem to have any basis in “law” or “evidence,” and would not let the realtor/dentist/lawyer/X-Files Fluke-Man compel Occidental College to release President Afrika Bambaataa’s college records even though Ms. Taitz explained to Occidental’s general counsel that if […]

Poor Tom Barrett, trying to weasel his way out of getting slapped by asking for a hug instead. NO TOM BARRETT. The lady will not hug you! SHE MAD! (We would post the video here, but it is useless, and we strongly suspect that the slap was to the shoulder or something, which is not […]

Hello, California! The voters, in their infinite wisdom, have done another fun thing to your precious California ballot, and that is that you can now vote for your favorite two people in any primary election, starting today! Apparently Rolling Stone thinks this means that Dems will vote for moderate Republicans instead of the rabid folk […]

Yes, friends, your beloved election girlfriend and California GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Orly Taitz has finally found the time don a suit of medieval armor, sit down with a tank of nitrous oxide pilfered from the dental office supply closet along with one hundred cigarettes and then take alternating puffs on each until she […]