Remember last year when angry old sportswriter Harry “Buzz” Bissinger endorsed Mitt Romney because Mittens was totally lying about everything? It was probably non-sports fans’ first introduction to the douchepile that is Buzz Bissinger, so here is a quick primer. Back when the internet consisted of three Star Trek fans on a dial-up message board, […]

Tyler Deaton is a handsome young man. He met his wife, Bethany, in prayer group at college. He was so charismatic that by his senior year, he’d convinced a bunch of hot dudes to leave the school-sanctioned Christian fellowship at Southwestern in Texas, and join him in Kansas City instead, so they could be close […]

CLOSER? That was just Clive Owen showing his vagina to Julia Roberts for like two hours. [NYT]

On a pleasant sunny day, have you ever looked up from your desk and glanced out the window at your friendly neighborhood mail carrier trotting around in little blue shorts issuing cheerful hellos and thought, “That is the best job ever invented by Jesus”? Many postal service employees would agree!

CARTOON VIOLENCE  12:03 pm October 30, 2009

The Thrill Is Gone

by Josh Fruhlinger

By the Comics CurmudgeonDo you remember ’round about a year ago when it was all “hope and change” this and “yes we can” that, and everything was going to be fixed, forever? Ha ha! Obviously all of our problems are intractable and terrible and nobody can fix them, no matter how nice his teeth are. […]

…Just too much comedy in this video of a Minnesota protest to summarize. So, one quote, from that goddamn Bachmann: “We have seen an orgy… The government spent its wad.” [YouTube, Dusty Trice]

Here’s Joe Biden this morning telling us all that we’re going to die if we travel in confined spaces (2:35 in). Hooray! And better yet, the swine flu has finally “come home” to our nation’s capital, Washington, after some slob at the World Bank (*shakes fist at World Bank*) went to Mexico, fucked a pig, […]

So sad! President Obama invited over a bunch of congressmen and senators to talk about being fiscally responsible, and some of them showed up, but a lot of them didn’t. Even some breakout session panelists and moderators failed to appear because who knows, maybe they had something better to do than fix the economy???

HALLIBURTON  3:10 pm September 13, 2006

What, No Orgies? No Occult Rituals?

by Ken Layne