o’reilly factor

Good morning, Warrers On Christmas. Much has happened since our last intelligence briefing. Last night, Dessert Fox Bill O’Reilly released another video of propaganda from his bunker in the Fortress of Falafel. He did that thing where he invites an opposing viewpoint onto his show, then kicks the shit out of him. From Raw Story: […]

Although, you can tell it’s probably more of an A-, which is essentially just a B+ that wept in the professor’s office after class. Also, it so good the poll is set against the background of outer space, because of the word “scientific.” [Fox News/A+ for tipster "Melissa P.'s" first year as President of the […]

The next time you hear somebody complaining about how news organizations have abandoned hard reporting for celebrity twins updates and mummy funerals and “will breathing air kill you, eventually?” alarmism, just point them to this fine bit of journalism by Bill O’Reilly. Instant rebuttal. [YouTube]