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Trump Caught Yanking The Bishop Of Rome. Wonkagenda For Wed., May 24, 2017

Trump manhandles the Pope, Hannity will shut up now, and Rob Quist is scaring the GOP. Your morning news brief!

Oh, Hey, A Lot Of Private Charter Schools Are Just Dumping Grounds For Poor Students. Imagine That!

Here's a cool way to boost school achievement: Make the poorer students statistically disappear!
As snarly as they come

Snarling Congresscreep Darrell Issa Running Behind Democrat In New Poll. Cry, Darrell Issa, Cry!

Could one of Congress's biggest jerks be in danger? Here's hoping so!

Wonkagenda: Thursday, August 11, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
He does not even seem nice

Congressjerk Darrell Issa To Open Years-Long Hearings On Why He Might Lose His Seat This Fall

Eternally smirking GOP congressdope Darrell Issa's House seat might actually be endangered this year. Here's hoping he goes extinct, with votes.

Study Finds Tipping Actually Helps Servers, Is Only Half-Stupid

Oh good: a new study is out that purports to show that the tipping system is actually good for servers and bartenders. We're sure this won't devolve into a smugly dickish thinkpiece-off about tipping (again). The study (we feel ill...
To serve, protect, and pass to the right

Orange County Cops Charged After They Eated All The Snacks In Pot Dispensary Raid

You wacky stoners might remember -- were your synapses not fried by the Demon Weed -- those cops in Santa Ana, California, who were caught on video apparently sampling the inventory of a local marijuana dispensary they raided last...

Orange County, California, Knows How To Party (Tonight!)

Prepare, minions, for the triumphal return of ME, YOUR COMMIE GIRL AND EDITRIX, plus my consort and my heiress, as I permit you to pay obeisance to me at our old stomping ground, the Fling in Santa Ana, for...

Hello, Los Angeles. Won’t You Buy A Girl And Her Husband And Her Official Wonkette Baby A Drink?

Los Angeles, we are to home to you! Currently? Overnighting in an alley behind Wonker Paula's Burbank craft-soap factory, and life couldn't be sweeter! (Or more clean.) Tonight you will come and sing sweet songs of home with us...

1000 To One Odds Our Vegas Party Sunday Will Be A Rocking Good Time

San Francisco, did you know you've been added to the Wonkette Wonkebago Fall 2015 Itinerant Panhandling Tour and Grifterthon? Las Vegas, join us Sunday (tomorrow? today?), Oct. 25, at the Summerlin, Nevada, home of Wonkers Frances and Don, and...

Wonkette Smearing Its Big Love On Salt Lake City Tomorrow! (Or Tonight!)

Salt Lake City, comin' atcha! We shall invade your Drinking Liberally, as is our wont, and in exchange for letting us annex you, we shall buy you pitchers of your silly low-test beer tomorrow (or tonight?), anyway, Friday. BUT...

A Ridiculous Amount Of Notice For You, So Cal, To Put On Your Drinkin’ And Wonkin’ Shoes

San Diego! Orange County! Los Angeles! Las Vegas! Maybe Utah! We are hereby giving you a dumb amount of notice that we will be buying you beers and/or grilling you tofurkey (you bring the tofurkey), NEXT WEEK AND THEREAFTER....
Basically Tim Pawlenty with slightly more experience. Whatever happened to T-Paw anyway?

John Kasich Big Fan Of Hispanic Ladies Who Clean His Hotel Room

Remind us again: Are we supposed to pretend Ohio Gov. John Kasich is one of the cuddly not-so-bad Republican presidential candidates? It's so hard to keep track these days of who the Serious Candidates are. Kasich did reluctantly allow the...
The internet is a wonderful thing

Pot-Munching Cops Too High To Destroy All The Hidden Cameras, Oops

Today our parable comes from the Book Of Chootzpah: In the Year Of the Bad Cop, the City of Santa Ana did decide that there were too many medical marijuana dispensaries operating without a license, and lo, they did...