Donald Sterling ain’t never gonna stop being Donald Sterling, even as those around him try to salvage the wreckage. Though his wife Shelley confirmed she has his authority to sell the Clippers, Sterling himself is still protesting the NBA’s fine by being as bullyish and scuzzy as ever. Sterling responded to the NBA’s attempt to […]

Sometimes, we are grudgingly impressed by the lengths that stupid/awful people will go in terms of their behavior in the workplace. Take for example one Mr. Ronald O. Ross, superintendent of the Greenburgh School District in New York, who managed to call his employees “bitch” in a stunning variety of ways, according to a lawsuit […]

Now that Donald Sterling has been suspended 4LYFE from the NBA, everyone is lining up to say they’d buy the Clippers, which is probably what the NBA hoped. Force a sale and get this guy gone. Since Magic Johnson has denied reports that he’d consider buying the team, we’re forced to consider the other candidates, […]

So much happy! So little time! Sean Hannity SO MAD at Jon Stewart, SOOOO MAD! OPRAH’s ex-stepmom sounds like a real nice lady who calls her stepdaughter “ghetto,” laughs at her taste, calls her a lesbian, and then is : ( that Oprah won’t let her live in her mansion. How does Upworthy think you’re […]

George Zimmerman Fan Club President Frank Taaffe, HLN’s go-to source for commentary on the joys of killing black children armed self defense against thugs, sometimes is accused of racism. As open- and fair-minded lieburals, we are careful about throwing that sort of terminology around, because the TRUE danger to American society, the REAL racism, is…hang […]

Loretta Lynn and Gloria Steinem are getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom today, along with some total nobodies like Bill Clinton, and some cool dead people like Sally Ride and Senator Daniel Inouye, who was amazing. Which really has to make you wonder: why does President Barack Obama hate white men? Loretta Lynn, who got […]

For some reason we cannot discern, Joan Jett was supposed to ride atop South Dakota’s float in the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but then this made the cattle ranchers sad because of how Joan Jett does not love meat and only loves PETA. Now, we have only ever seen that parade through a haze […]

What is it like to be inside Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s head? Swimming in that soup of confusion and anger all the time? Living with the pressure of pushing out 6, 7, 8 posts per day about just how everyone is wrong and you are right and Bamz is killing us all with healthcare? […]

Our beloved FLOTUS has been the subject of some “trouble” lately, but of course, that is one of the things we like about her. We also adore her style, charm, and biceps. That Michelle Obama charm was on full display last night, when our FLOTUS made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. […]

Anderson Cooper is keeping his job at CNN, at least until Larry King shows up at his studios with a gun and Cooper decides it’s no longer worth it to interview terror-baby activists and hilarious homophobe assistant attorneys general. But he is also getting a daytime talk show, because why not? You know how Anderson […]

President Obama did celebrate his birthday last night after all! In fact, he flew to Chicago, took a helicopter that landed on SOLDIER FIELD, and went to a restaurant with teevee lady Oprah Winfrey and her long-time companion-friend Gayle King. “Obama spent more than three hours inside,” probably receiving his orders from Oprah. Meanwhile, back […]

Did you TiVo this afternoon’s edition of The Oprah Winfrey Program? Well fuck you then. Her guest will be famed sex person Rielle Hunter, who is pretty hilarious. But yeah, still not worth it. Instead, you should enjoy this ominous Official Oprah Trailer of the interview, where Oprah just yells things at Hunter for a […]

New controversial medical study ensures that cervical cancer will be the breast cancer of next week. One more’s a trendpiece! [New York Times] Members of Congress were very busy and shouty last night in trying to decide who they hated more: Obama or Geithner… [Washington Post] …while Catholic bishops easily picked Obama. [AP] Please do […]

KILL US  3:54 pm November 16, 2009

Liveblogging Sarah Palin On Oprah

by Jim Newell

Anyone else feel sick to your stomach? We’re going to get this over with, and then blow up the blog. [UPDATE: It's over! The liveblog is completely incoherent, as usual. Pareene also liveblogged it at Gawker. We both quoted Andrew Sullivan at 4:39!]

CBS has released two (2) short clips from Sarah Palin’s taped interview with Oprah, set to air this Monday. They are both terribly boring, and you can watch them after the jump! “I want to bone Levi Johnston at Thanksgiving,” is what Sarah Palin tells Oprah.