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Lady Who Tried To Bomb Abortion Clinic Can’t Believe Anyone Would Call Her A Terrorist

Cheryl Sullenger's lack of self-awareness is astounding.

If Donald Trump Jr. Were A Candy, What Candy Would He Be?

Probably something worse than Skittles.

Anti-Choice Weirdo Plans To Shower Hillary Clinton In Dead Fetuses

Shockingly, this is not actually a legal thing to do.

Donald Trump’s New BFF Thinks It’s Cool To Murder Abortion Doctors, Isn’t That Nice?

Let's get acquainted with Trump's new pal Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue!

Planned Parenthood Shooter Did It For The Babies, Let’s Ban Pro-Lifers From America

The most recent lone wolf to attack a Planned Parenthood, killing three and wounding nine others, appeared in court in Colorado on Wednesday to face murder charges, and yeah, Robert L. Dear is pretty proud of hisself: I am guilty there will...

Surprise! Planned Parenthood Shooter Super Into Jesus, Adultery, Lady-Beating

You'll be shocked to learn the charming fella charged with murdering some folks at a Colorado Planned Parenthood has a long history of being being a raging evangelical anti-choice lady-beating kid-abandoning poop pile. We'll give you a moment to collect yourselves from...
Not nearly as stupid as everything he says

Ted Cruz Condemns Unladylike Actions Of Planned Parenthood Terrorist

Surprise! Ted Cruz said another stupid thing, this time about the shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. Asked about reports that the alleged killer, Robert L. Dear, had told police "No more baby parts," which suggests he might have...

Fox News Does ‘Journalism’ On Planned Parenthood

This must be why Fox News “journalists” win all the Peabody awards. Or Polk awards. Or whatever: Beleaguered abortion provider Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday it would no longer accept money from researchers for aborted baby parts, citing a desire to...
Yes, yes, it's from Fahrenheit 451, just roll with it

Second Planned Parenthood Hit By Arson In A Month. Those Videos Are Working!

Looks like the anti-Planned Parenthood hysteria is inspiring some fine Americans to make the world a safer place for fetuses by taking direct action. In Thousand Oaks, California, somebody tried to burn down a Planned Parenthood clinic. While initial...

‘Pro-Life’ Wingnuts Secretly Love Abortion, This Video Says So

Hey remember that time a million years ago (but really in the middle of July) when lying twat-gurgler anti-choice extremists from Operation Rescue and Live Action, going under the name "Center For Medical Progress," released a SHOCK VIDEO that showed...
True fact: there are no women's clinics in Tiananmen Square. Do you want that for America?

Mike Huckabee Will Send Very Tiny Army Men Right Into Your Cooch

Mike Huckabee, apparently still feeling the effects of that deep hit he took from the Trump Pipe last week, is saying some more insane shit. Not only is the Iran nuclear deal the Holocaust, now he's hinting that, as...
Little angel babies!

Watch Erick Erickson Shove This Coat Hanger Up GOP’s Vagina!

. Perpetual rage machine and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson is really, really mad that Planned Parenthood is getting rich off trafficking in murdered baby parts (which it isn't, but shut up, he knows it is). Not only is he demanding...
Future Republican Member of Congress

Republicans To Shut Down Government Again Because Screw You, America!

It has been almost five whole months since the grown-up Republicans in Congress threatened to SHUT IT DOWN faster than you can say "legitimate rape." So now seems like a pretty good time to do that again, huh? It was so...
At a March for "Life" Rally obviously

Anti-Choicers Gonna STRIKE! To End Abortion, Just Like Martin Luther King

Since harassing women outside abortion clinics and sometimes bombing them and murdering doctors hasn't worked, anti-choicers have a new strategy: strike! Project Defending Life is linking arms of solidarity with another "pro-life" organization, Operation Rescue (obligatory reminder: its senior policy...
Yep, conspiracy to commit murder is right in there!

‘Pro-Life’ Murderer Demands His First Amendment Right To Kill Again

When a convicted "pro-life" terrorist who shot an abortion doctor to death, in his own church -- for the unborned babies, and for Jesus! -- threatens to do it again, you should probably take him seriously. Scott Roeder, who...

Some Douche Pretty Sure Wendy Davis Could Have Carried Baby To Term In Her Fallopian Tube, Because Science

Wendy Davis, she's this lady. Turn-ons include running for Texas governor, being a Demoncrap, and murdering all the babbies. But! Some douche from LifeSiteNews, writing at NRO, thinks she didn't even abortion her own two babbies after all, because...