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Tag: ooga booga

It's a great day for commies and mommies!

Wingnuts Find Hillary Clinton’s Love Letters To Saul Alinsky, Lenin, David Cassidy

While you were all enjoying your Sabbath day of rest, the Washington Free Beacon -- the digital equivalent of Sunday paper circular ads you toss in the trash without looking at them -- was breaking a HUGE SCOOP!!!!! Are you guys ready for...

Today In Impeachment Fantasies, Steve Stockman Edition

One of the things that makes blogging much easier for yr Wonkette is the near-continuous supply of absurd overreactions from Republicans about, well, anything. (Also reliable topics for us: the Catholic Church's terror of modernity and our bread and...

Victoria Jackson: Biking Is The Gateway Drug To Socialism, Hell

Yr Wonkette has a terrible racist uncle who is vaguely like Victoria Jackson. (Yes, the royal "we" is not grammatically nonsensical there. We ALL have that terrible racist uncle. You do too.) A lot racist and a bit paranoid,...