Mitt Romney is trying to prove his foreign policy chops are so much better than stupid hapless old Obama’s, and so he and his advisors are barnstorming across London, whinging about the threat from the Soviet Union. But His Lord High Hairgel has not had the easiest of receptions, as every person in that small […]

Mitt Romney has taken a look at how they do things over there in old England-Land, and has quickly come to the well-justified conclusion that their Olympics are just a hot metric tonne of garbage compared to the awesome USA American Olympics he ran in Salt Lake City. But you’d think that he’d at least […]

Oh Mitt Romney, please stop making us feel sorry for you. You go to Yurp so you can be a Celebrity Rock Star like Obama was in 2008, and “project leadership,” and everywhere you go, you make people hate you. What jerk thing came out of your mouth this time? Oh, just that London was […]

The amoral scumbuckets who run the Obama campaign and Completely Unaffiliated Priorities USA Super PAC have really done it this time: they mock Mitt Romney’s history of saving the Olympics, a lil’ sidegig of his from back when he was still Bain Capital CEO, president, chairman, and sole stockowner. Have you ever saved an Olympics, […]

You are never going to BELIEVE what Mitt Romney hates! Besides puppies, moms, and chocolate donuts. And blind people. And people who might be gay. And (very) Poors. Oh and taxes. But you’re doing great so keep guessing! Have you guessed yet? Olympic athletes! It’s Olympic athletes. See, after Obama pointed out that businesspeople relied […]

The thought-free muppets who host Fox News’ illiterate dementia variety hour Fox and Friends briefly mentioned the actual news nugget about the unveiled U.S. Olympic Team outfits today — they’re made in China, har har — but spent considerably more time examining the team’s hat wear: berets. Like all the fruity poets and mimes in […]

Good morning, Washington Post! What do you have for us this morning? Oh, three Internet pages on Mitt Romney’s family outings to Lake Winnipesaukee? (As Ann Romney noted, while calling Moochelle NoOBaMa an uppity bitch, they “have [their] own places” for summering.) And your reporter cannot even contain his terrible reporterly rage? Cool, let us […]

Today, we find out how many gay people there are while the Vatican works miracles in book selling (not that book!), and a new sport everyone can do but a new reality show almost no can join. Hmmm…. How many gay people are there, really, in the United States? Luckily, the answer’s actually pretty easy: […]

Olympics: The Winter Olympics are in full force, but no one seems to appreciate ever since that nice Georgian Luger died, in a sport. If you feel some patriotic desire (be it for America or Georgia) to watch the games, head to Asia Nine where any of the lounge’s bar snacks are only a buck […]

Fake war person Bill Kristol went on the Fox News over the weekend to talk about how Barack Obama “lost the Olympics,” oh boy. Now in spite of the Weekly Standard‘s furious scrubbing attempts, we already knew, thanks to the magic of the Internets, how Bill Kristol and his chums at the Standard responded to […]

Don’t really know what Townhall’s angle is here in promoting this video, but the first minute or so is pretty amazing, watching this CNN anchor play out his own personal mini-Greek Tragedy. Well this should all go well and dandy for ol’ Chicago, he’s thinking. Let me just sit back here and relax for the […]

Things are getting so out-of-hand that the forecasters at “Team Romney” are having to step in and act like adults: “There are cooler heads: Former Mitt Romney spokesman Kevin Madden passed along some entirely unheeded advice from another Republican strategist, Scott Stanzel: ‘Note to GOP officials/consultants – resist temptation to pile on about Chicago losing […]

The brilliant political humans at National Review‘s The Corner — the #1 Internet blog — are cold slappin’ high-fives and chuggin’ jars of Elmer’s glue because they are just so happy that the American president was unable to bring the biggest sporting event on earth, and a boon to the local economy of Chicago, to […]

NO ONE IS LISTENING TO OBAMA!  11:54 am October 2, 2009

by Juli Weiner

CHICAGO HAS LOST DANCING WITH THE STARS AND THEREFORE ITS CHANCE AT HOSTING THE 2016 OLYMPICS. Gold, silver, and bronze Drudge Sirens!!: The important International Olympic Committee cold eliminated Chicago in the first round of city choosing this morning. In case you’re still invested in this thing, for whatever reason, it’s down to Madrid and […]

Obama gets a gold medal in the prestigious Kindly Requesting The Olympics For Chicago While In Denmark event. [New York Times] David Letterman slept with some people on his staff and some other lady turned around and performed extortion on him! [New York Times] Some ex-prosecutor on the Roman Polanski case now admits that he […]