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Now #Teens Gonna Save The Climate, Earth. WHAT CAN’T THEY DO!!!

The kids are more than all right. They're getting the adults' butts in gear.
She thought her question was maybe "too motherly."

Washington Republican Asks Teens How Much Dick They’re Getting, Totally Normal

Washington state Rep. Mary Dye sounds just like our mommy, and your mommy, and all of U.S. America's mommy. She makes apple pie and gives good advice and leans in real close and says things like, "HEY CHAMP. GETTIN'...
If only they'd built a YOOGE classy wall to keep Columbus out

Bigots Weep As Oklahoma Town Murders Christopher Columbus

Congrats to Anadarko, Oklahoma (population 6,762), the first municipality in that state to celebrate today as Indigenous Peoples' Day instead of Columbus Day, thanks to a City Council resolution passed unanimously in September. The proclamation was formally signed by...
Party of jerks, that's for sure

WA ‘Pro-Choice Democrat’ Decides He’s Not Pro-Choice, Not A Democrat, IS A Total Jerk

Meet Martin Moore, a nice pro-choice Democrat and member of the Federal Way City Council in Washington State. Except for how he's not pro-choice now, and he doesn't want to be a Democrat anymore, and oh, and he does...
Photo courtesy Hundred Acre Wood P.D.

Characters Escape From Carl Hiaasen Novel, Get Arrested With Pot Guarded By Alligators

And now, dear Wonketteers, a headline that is quite simply tailor-made for Your Wonkette: TWO ALLIGATORS, A POLE DANCER AND POT AT OLYMPIA AREA SHOOTING SCENE Jesus Christ, this is what the internet was made for. Do we even have to...