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Secret Service: The Rent At Trump Tower Is TOO DAMN HIGH

President Griftabuck can't seem to squeeze enough cash out of the Secret Service to make protecting his life worthwhile.

LOL Kellyanne Conway’s Talking To Toasters! Wonkagenda For Mon., March 13, 2017

Kellyanne Conway talks to home appliances, Steve King sticks his nose where it doesn't belong, and Old Handsome Joe returns! Your morning news brief!
This is actually an adult doggie now. Good dog, Champ!

Joe Biden Says He’s Running In 2020, And LOL OK STOP TEASING!

It could happen! But let's also start talking about the new generation of badass Democrat leaders, too.

Old Handsome Joe Biden Might Be Hillary’s Secretary Of State, Which Would Be A Big F*ckin’ Deal!

SOURCES SAY Joe Biden is at the top of Hillary's short list for State. Make it so, Hillz!

Old Handsome Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump A Idiot In Nicest Way Possible, Then Has Ice Cream

Did This Really Need To Be Chopped Into Six Clips? We Think Not!

Your Senate Sunday: Florida’s U.S. Senate Race About As Screwy As Everything Else In Florida

Florida's having another election. Please tighten your safety belts and assume your crash positions.

Old Handsome Joe Biden Makes Gay Weddings Great Again

Click this, it will make you experience JOY.
This man knows malarky when he sees it

Watch Old Handsome Joe Biden Kick Sixteen Kinds Of Ass In His DNC Speech

Old Handsome Joe Biden delivered one fine Old Handsome Joe Biden speech at the DNC Wednesday. He's electric as ever.

DNC Night Three: Let’s Meet This Tim Kaine Person, Shall We? Also, Barry Bamz! A Livebloog

It's Night Three of the Democratic Convention. Let's watch together.

Pennsylvania Democrats Have Hot 3-Way In Race To Take On Pat Toomey (R-Yawn)

a href="http://wonkette.com/600294/maryland-has-two-awesome-democrats-running-for-senate-can-we-have-both"Welcome back to our newish feature, our weekly countdown of U.S. Senate races, yes, even the ones where there's no real contest. But not this week! Last time, we looked at Maryland's primary between two ridiculously well-qualified Democrats;...
'S okay, he's a nice demon like Anya.

Put On Dry Panties, It’s Time To Liveblog Barack Obama And Joe Biden’s Last State Of The Union

You guys! It is the last State of the Union for our own dearly beloved B. Barry Bamz and his bestest henchman, Old Handsome Joe Biden. (Unless the Democrats and Republicans follow our advice and appoint Joey B. VP...
Awww, he's even saying you're awesome on HIS birthday. WHAT A GUY!

Happy Birthday, Old Handsome Joe Biden! You Don’t Look A Day Over SEXXXY

Stop the newsreels, for it's time to sing a lustful, off-key rendition of the Marilyn Monroe birthday song, not to the president of the world, but to the VICE PRESIDENT of the world, Old Handsome Joe Biden! He turns...

Maureen Dowd Is A Idiot, Says Joe Biden And Everyone Else

Remember that time The Media spent three months breathlessly BREAKING EXCLUSIVE!!! reporting rumors from anonymous sources that Joe Biden was totally going to run for president? And CNN humiliated itself (more, we mean, than usual) by openly begging the...
Why, yes, Rachel, I *do* feel like a Boss.

Watch Rachel Maddow Torture Benghazi Confession Out Of Hillary Clinton!

After crushing it in her marathon testimony before the Benghazi Inquisition (which unlike the Spanish one, didn't even offer her a comfy chair), Hillary Clinton talked for an hour with a far more intelligent questioner, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. We...

Let’s Give Joe Biden A Hug And Leave Him The F*ck Alone Now

Joe Biden is not running for president. Contrary to Anonymous Sources and People Involved and Internet Rumors and Some Saying and Maureen Dowd, the vice president announced on Wednesday that he will not Run Joe Run, nor be Draft...