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Florida Congressman, professional Commie-spotter, and dude who tortured a dude and is-not-sorry-about-it-no-sir Allen West will be the first to tell you (and tell you, and tell you again) that he does not do NUANCE, on a battlefield NUANCE will get an IED up your ASS. So what is the best venue for expression for a […]

It’s been a while since we last checked in on the Washington Post op-ed stable’s elderly “left-center” know-nothing Richard Cohen, the Worst Writer in the World. After a profound month-long streak of weekly 800-word diarrhea baths earlier this year — climaxing with the legendary, “What if Dick Cheney is right?” — Cohen laid low for […]

PLS RETIRE  12:40 pm December 30, 2008

by Jim Newell

RICHARD COHEN DOES NOT CARE FOR GEORGE W. BUSH’S ‘QUANTITY OVER QUALITY’ APPROACH TOWARDS BOOK-READING AND FINDS THIS ATTITUDE INDICATIVE OF HIS GOVERNING QUALITIES OR LACK THEREOF: Remember a few years ago when word leaked that George W. Bush had been reading Camus’ The Stranger, and this was a modest gossip topic for about 12 […]

Crabby queen writer Gore Vidal, who is certainly older than you, appeared on the English telly after Obama’s clinch last night to discuss American politics with the Britons. Appropriately, he went insane for several minutes after asking and receiving permission to “talk the facts of life” with the BBC anchor. Whenever he is asked a […]