occupy everything

In a bold strike of the kind we hope to see in a lot of nations this year, a protesting group of indigenous people mobbed Australian prime minster Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott from a fancy 1% restaurant in the capital of Canberra — Gillard and Abbott were about to be torn apart, […]

A bunch of decrepit rednecks fantasizing about mass murder is a common enough occurrence in North Georgia (your Wonkette bookman knows this from lifelong experience). What’s different about the alleged plot by this AARP IRA is that they had the misfortune to run into an FBI informant who actually challenged them to put their brain-damaged […]

Remember when people were freaking out over the Patriot Act and Homeland Security and all this other conveniently ready-to-go post-9/11 police state stuff, because it would obviously be just a matter of time before the whole apparatus was turned against non-Muslim Americans when they started getting complain-y about the social injustice and economic injustice and […]

It says a lot about the Internet that the first thing we saw about the November 5 Anti-Bank Action Day was a snide remark. Something along the lines of “Good job dumb hippies, banks are closed on Saturday.” First of all, not true at all! Bank headquarters are closed on Saturday, but most bank branches […]

Fifty or so sneaky Occupy Chicago protester ninjas heroically camouflaged themselves in business suits and droll complacency to get into an event held for mutant orc-child Scott Walker at the Union League Club of Chicago, so that they could remind him that he is a corrupt union-busting weasel. Watch it! It’s fun! [Crooks and Liars]

Here is the cell phone video of some vicious asshole driving self-importantly in his Mercedes through the protester crowd in Oakland last night until one male protester stops in front of the car and then pounds on the hood a few times. HEY HEY. Do not molest the rich man’s expensive penis car!!! So, insanely, […]

Who won the occupation of Milwaukee today? Not Scott Walker, who is probably crying into his Just For Men bucket today as the scary voters/liberals/workers/people once again scare the kleptocrats. The winners of the Milwaukee Occupation are right here! [Thanks to Wonkette commenter YerMa]

This is going to be what’s it’s like for the Rupert Murdochs of the world, from now on. We hope, anyway! Just full-on harassment and outbursts until these kleptocrats are scared to leave their penthouses, which will then be burnt down, by dragons.

Be patient through the first 90 seconds — haha, attention span of a gnat! — because a remarkable little drama unfolds with protesters inside the Citibank branch communicating with protesters outside, all very reserved, collecting names and birthdates of the people about to be arrested inside. And then, brutish cops seize a woman in a […]

Nothing like joining your local Revolutionary Council of Neighbors and seeing what’s going on this nice autumn day. Things are going nuts (in a good way) from Washington Square to Wall Street, and in the growing Occupy DC party, and in a surprisingly huge Los Angeles campout/concert/protest/march on the banks. And there are hundreds of […]

Here’s what’s going on in DC today: The ongoing Occupy DC protest at McPherson Square is still ongoing, so stop by and say hi and whatever, and also the long-planned “Stop the Machine” rally against TEN YEARS OF WAR IN AFGHANISTAN is also going, and going big. Here’s a live feed NOW CORRECTED WITH A […]