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Inventor of Pretty Much Everything Steve Jobs Dies At 56

  maybe this is why our internet has not been working today?

This is “politics news” insofar as we know that 126.9% of you Wonketteers would not even be reading this post right now without some kind of Apple device that also enables you to continue the grueling daily process of existing, so let us all take a moment to say goodbye ...

David Broder Dead

  this seems to happen

David S. Broder, 81, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Washington Post and one of the most respected writers on national politics for four decades, died Wednesday in Arlington of complications from diabetes.

And Also Richard Holbrooke Died

  we all die of complications really

Longtime U.S. diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke, whose relentless prodding and deft maneuvering yielded the 1995 Dayton peace accords that ended the war in Bosnia – a success he hoped to repeat as President Obama’s chief envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan – died ...

  the best and the brightest
  • ROBERT McNAMARA IS DEAD: Jesus, anybody else feel like dying in the next week or two? Because now is clearly the time to do it! Robert McNamara prosecuted America’s hopeless adventure in Vietnam on behalf of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson; he also did many other ...

  sad news

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