Guys, do you want a person who kidnaps three young girls, and then rapes and beats and impregnates and beats and rapes them some more to be the president of the United States? You DON’T? That is so weird! Because now you and Rush Limbaugh are on the same page! Oh, except Rush Limbaugh doesn’t […]

As part of the Tea Party’s relentless campaign to make us all dumber, the new right-wing meme is that, hey, since the Tsarnaev family was on welfare at a couple of points, maybe they also had Obamaphones! Ghost Breitbart (no link, ever) jumped in with a piece pointing out that the FCC “refused to answer” […]

You would think that we could no longer be surprised by either Pamela Geller or WND, but this did set us back on our ripe yet slender haunches: How long do Jews have in Obama’s America? How long before we can’t walk down the street with a kippah or a Star of David? This is […]