Last time we checked in with the Koch brothers’ frathouse spinoff Generation Opportunity, they were attempting to convince DC’s underemployed youth to shun ObamaCare by drowning them in rail drinks and cheap sunglasses. Now that it’s summertime, like everyone else they want to be outside having fun instead of in some dank basement bar, so […]

Scott Brown, that pretty fella who used to be Massachusetts’s junior senator till he got his ass war-whooped by one Mrs. Perfesser Elizabeth Warren, has some thoughts on that terrible Halbig decision yesterday, the one by the DC Court of Appeals that said “why yes, Republican governors may singlehandedly fuck Obamacare, right in the ear,” […]

Hey, remember how we told you just a little while ago about how the DC Circuit Court had done nonconsensual ear sexing to Obamacare? Well that story is still a True Thing, but today’s news cycle is determined to mess with our blood pressure, and so OF COURSE within a couple hours of that DC […]

Congratulations, wingnuts! One of those longshot legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act finally found a sympathetic venue! The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that, thanks to a technicality in the way the law is written, subsidies for insurance premiums cannot be paid to people who sign up through the federal exchange. It […]

Well, it’s just like the horror stories warned: Now that Obamacare has gone into effect, all the worst fears of the critics have come to pass: the government of Iraq is in danger of falling to Islamic radicals, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is blowing up, and terrorist soccer fans are swarming across the border. Oh, and […]

Usually, it is the legislative and/or executive branches that do a late-afternoon pre-holiday weekend news dump, hoping to hide something especially egregious in plain sight, thinking you’ll be too busy to notice because you’re picking up two cases of Bud Light Lime and an absolute fuck-ton of M-80s to take to the cabin. This year, however, […]

With the decision in the Hobby Lobby case Monday, HBO wasted no time in YouTubing this clip from the latest Last Week Tonight, in which John Oliver previewed the case. The essential question: Are corporations able. to hold religious beliefs? The obvious answer, “No. No they’re not. We’re done, right?” was complicated by last year’s […]

“He said, ‘If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.’ Oh yeah?” This was my mother yelling at the president, which I hadn’t heard her do since Bush II. This was a woman who can hardly believe how much the Republican Party has changed since she registered to vote for Richard Nixon. Who voted […]

Fresh off his explanation of how Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery and also claiming that food stamps helped his mom get out of poverty but government assistance just makes other people lazy, Dr. Ben “I know as much about economics as Paul Krugman does about neurosurgery” Carson scored another rhetorical triumph in an […]

Are you ready for some déjà vu? The Obama Administration is looking to implement a policy that will lead to healthier Americans. And once again, the GOP is frothing and foaming and throwing a temper-tantrum because they fucking HATE healthy (post-embryotic) Americans! And the kicker: they might just shut down the government, take their toys, […]

Get out your Post-Tragedy Bingo Cards, kids — the Family Research Council (motto: “All research vetted by our opinion”) has found a couple of additional suspects in last weekend’s killing spree in Isla Vista, California. While crazy feminists think that maybe the killings might have something to do with Elliot Rodger’s open declaration of hatred […]

Let’s just not tell Mitch McConnell where he went wrong here, OK? It would be more fun that way. You see, he’s pledging that when he becomes Senate Majority Leader next year, he’s going to repeal Obamacare SO HARD. (Hey, let’s not remind him that there’s no way he could hope to override the inevitable […]

Writing about Larry Klayman has become almost a Mad Libs level of easy. We could just plug in “Klayman” and “court” and “NSA” and “Obama” and come up with a story every day that is pretty close to whatever Larry Klayman is actually talking about. Today, Larry Klayman mixes it up a bit, veering into […]

We hope you’re sitting down, because we are about to agree with Rick Santorum. But only partly. (You may resume breathing now.) Santorum came up with his brilliant idea during a Q & A session while he was flogging his frothy new book, and here is that thing that he came up with: instead of […]

Don’t throw out those tricorn hats quite yet, people. The Tea Party is on the comeback trail. This is good news for America, as our strategic snark reserve might otherwise have fallen to historic lows this campaign cycle. In what is either a sign of a conservative wave this fall or an indication that Republican […]