obama jobs speech

San Diego was apparently not the only place the Sewage Monster struck last night. It’s true, it’s on the Internet! That is our conclusion from watching two seconds of this Michele Bachmann “rebuttal” speech, a gospel of toxic ooze delivered in the dank purgatory of Washington last night, to tell Barack Obama he is an […]

Isn’t Twitter just the best? Thank Allah for Twitter, teabagger Rep. Paul Broun will not have to sit through Barack Obama’s filthy jobs speech in front of Congress. Instead, Broun will be obligated to keep his tradition of hiding in his wicked Washington opium cave during Obama’s important addresses so that he can bark mangled opinions […]

Screechy teabagger sideshow clown Joe Walsh announced he will not be a political “prop” in Barack Obama’s jobs speech and will under no conditions sit still for a one-hour talk about unemployment that does not involve him. You tell ‘em, Deadbeat Joe! If anyone is going to benefit from someone using Joe Walsh as a political […]

The drugged circuit boards in Michele Bachmann’s mental Windows Vista operating system ran some kind of analysis akin to a trapped fly trying to fight its way out of a jar of glue with net result computation that Barack Obama only wanted to schedule his originally-planned September 7 jobs speech at the same time as […]