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James O’Keefe DID TOO Find A Evil Liberal Genius, Shut Up DOKTOR ZOOM!

Saddest. Conspiracy theory. Ever.

James O’Keefe Goes Undercover at New York Times, Finds This Asshole

Why is James O'Keefe attacking this self-important confabulator? He should be recruiting him!

Ode To The New York Times Food Section

No, really, we have bread outside New York City, we promise.

London Having Fucking TERRIBLE Year. Wonkagenda For Mon., June 19, 2017

Trump's lawyer thinks you should ignore his tweets, John Ossoff's race is getting dirty, and Megyn Kelly is MEAN to Alex Jones. Your morning news brief!

Donald Trump Will Make It Illegal For #Rigged Media To Hurt His Feelings

In Donald Trump's America, you won't be allowed to make Donald Trump cry!

New York Times Accidentally Commits Act Of Journalism

The paper of record decided to try telling the truth about Donald Trump's history of birtherism. It was great!

Gross Tom Delay Writes Gross Letter In Support Of Super-Gross Dennis Hastert

So, lots of Dennis Hastert news these days, huh? We all got to learn that he maybe molested not one, not two, not three, not four, but five kids while he was busy ostensibly being their wrestling coach but...

Please Enjoy The Slow But Steady Unraveling Of David Brooks

We've been eagerly covering the complete mental disintegration of not one, but two, esteemed columnists at the paper of record lately. Both David Brooks, America's least intellectual public intellectual, and Ross Douthat, a freshman term paper on Opus Dei...

David Brooks Realizes He Is Terrible At His Job

Having found himself alone in a bar at closing time, with no Republican candidate even coyote ugly enough to drag his sad stumbling ass home, New York Times columnist David Brooks at long last admits defeat. His boyhood crush on...

David Brooks Misses Obama, Wishes He Were Still President

Poor David Brooks. Spiraling ever downward into his midlife crisis, which for some reason he is paid to liveblog weekly at the New York Times, he inflicts upon us once more his struggle to understand how and why his sad...

Maureen Dowd Is High Again

Oh dear. It seems New York Times columnist and comedienne has overdosed on candy again, and, in a marijuana-fueled rage, has typed another mud puddle of words on her favorite subject in all the land, Madam You-Know-Who: After running as a...

We Sure Yelled At The Media A Lot This Year, For Sucking

We here at ye olde Yr Wonkette are not A Journalist. Which does not mean we do not know how journalism is formed. We (yr editrix Rebecca Schoenkopf) went to journalism school, for journalism, and then taught college journalism...
That's her 'screw you' smile

Hillary Clinton Asks New York Times To F*ck Off And Die, Thanks

It would appear that Madame Mrs. Secretary President-Elect (Almost) Hillz R. Clinton is a tad miffed that the New York Times published a completely not true in any way whatsoever story about her last week, gosh, can't imagine why!...
Sorry not sorry

New York Times Sorry For Sucking At Journalism, Again

Our esteemed newspaper of record told a riveting EXCLUSIVE! MUST CREDIT NEW YORK TIMES! tale last week about a criminal inquiry into Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information with her personal email. And except for how it wasn't about Clinton...
Delete your account, NYT

New York Times Writes Badass Slash Fiction About Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation

In its pathological Liberal Media quest to catch Billary Clinton Doing Some Kind of Bad Thing That Is Bad Maybe, the New York Times published a devastating, campaign-destroying, earth-shattering, game-changing, smoking gun GOTCHA! story late Thursday night, and it...
Take THAT, patriarchy!

Some Chicks Like Granny Panties, And The NYT Is ON IT!

From the august pages of our nation's newspaper of record, which always keeps us apprised of the national zeitgeist -- like how Jeb Bush doesn't eat enough fatty foods for Real Americans to vote for him, and some little...