Were you guys hoping that you could kickstart Hump Day with a beefysmack dude gunsplaining at you about how the Constitution works? SPOILER ALERT: It works because GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNNNNNSSSSSSSS. Let’s meet the improbably named Dom Raso, who hit upon what he clearly thought was a really cunning way to explain how important […]

The National Rifle Association and its useful flunkies have identified the major issue driving the problem of gun violence in America. Is it too many guns floating around? Is it a culture that tries to scare the crap out of you by telling you that President Obama/liberals/jackbooted BLM agents/black people are coming to take away […]

It must be hard to be the NRA. You’ve got to up your evil quotient every single day. Like, they probably have to lift weights just to bulk up for that much evildoing. Short of kicking puppies or eating babies (both of which the NRA is probably not above if the puppies or the babies […]

As promised, here’s part 2 of our Big Dear Shitferbrains Clearance Sale, in which we’ll clean out some of the sludge that has been fermenting in our comments queue. For this one, we’ll scoop out some messages from assorted Gun Fondling Angerbears; next time, we’ll get to the Bergdullards who love the Troops so much […]

Jon Stewart summed up our national reality Thursday: “Let’s begin with guns, because this is America, and everything begins — and sometimes ends — with guns.” And so we are treated to a brief review of the recent pas de derp between Open Carry Texas and the NRA. The NRA foolishly suggested something reasonable — […]

We are having one hell of a time keeping up with this internecine gun group warfare. It all started Monday, when the grandaddy of all gun-humpers, the NRA, asked some of the open carry folks to please chill because toting machine guns to TGIFriday’s was making the sheeple nervous. The open carry folks, of course, […]

Yesterday we brought you the story of the NRA’s suggestion that Open Carry Texas might want to tone it down a bit. The merry bands of gun fondlers who have done so much to endear themselves to Texas fast-food customers, the NRA said, may actually be harming the cause of Guns Everywhere by scaring the […]

So here’s how goofy the National Dialogue has gotten: The NRA is asking groups like Open Carry Texas if they could please tone it down a little bit. Apparently all that gun-packing in public is just not having the desired effect of making the public fall in love with people walking into restaurants with assault […]

Hey, hip cool millennial hipsters! Noir, the NRA’s hip cool new web series for the Youngs, is going all Lifestyles of the Sleek and Carefully Waxed in this exciting ad touting the merits of a Perfect Companion: She knows that she’s made it… comfortable alone, steady among others… she leaves you sad for all of […]

Holy crap, 2016 fundraising is rough, especially if you are a Democrat not named Hillary Clinton. How rough? Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley spent the weekend engaging in his most aggressive push for campaign cash yet, and his office refuses to release how much he raised. What was his tactic? Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), who […]

Looks like the NRA’s exciting new Young Fresh Face, Colion Noir, has gotten himself a hip new official NRA webcast where he can Gun It Up for a new generation of gun fondlers. Mr. Noir, the hot sensation of YouTube videos where he shoots every gun ever made, is here to make shootin’ irons hip, […]

Here’s a not-at-all nice story from Mother Jones about the lengths to which a whole bunch of Responsible Second Amendment Advocates have harassed and threatened women who have called for limitations on gun ownership. We want to make it clear that we don’t think all gun fondlers are misogynist assholes, of course; MoJo writer Mark […]

Tuesday’s Daily Show had some fun with last weekend’s NRA convention, leading off, as one must, with the WTF heard round the world, Sarah Palin’s weird joke about how waterboarding is how she’d baptize terrorists. And then he reminded us that this person was once the vice presidential candidate of one of America’s national political […]

Here’s conceptual artist Sarah Palin at the NRA convention Saturday, explaining how she would win the war on terror by simultaneously ignoring both the First and the Eighth Amendments: They obviously have information on plots to carry out Jihad. Oh, but you can’t offend them, can’t make them feel uncomfortable, not even a smidgen. Well, […]

Over the weekend the National Rifle Association held its annual Gun Fetishization and Circle Jerk for Dim-Bulb Paranoids. The lucky host city was Indianapolis, which saw itself invaded by 70,000 armed lunatics for three days of strutting jingoism and fear-mongering. Ghoulish death-head Wayne LaPierre showed up to give the very same speech that he gave […]