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Trump’s Dumbass Budget Proposal Totally Great, If You Want To Start World War III

Fuck the poors, though. And the environment. And the arts. All that stuff is lame.

Indiana Making Its Poors Healthier, Just By Adding Shame And Bureaucracy!

Get ready, America! Indiana's crappy, mean-spirited 'reform' of Medicaid may be going national!
still as cool and edgy as ever

James O’Keefe Gets Democratic Operatives Fired. Countdown To When He Pays Them $100,000 Starts Now

James O'Keefe has released more dumb video that proves -- to people who believe it already -- the election is rigged.

New Democratic Ad Is Just People Reading Gross Breitbart Headlines, Because Breitbart Is Gross

What is YOUR favorite disgusting, racist, homophobic, misogynistic Breitbart headline? The Democrats want to know!

RNC Day Three: Greta Van Susteren And Jonah Goldberg Did Not Give Us The Norovirus

We guess they could have, but they probably didn't.
The fiddle is made of votes.

Could Hillary Clinton Win Georgia? Sure, Why Not, LOL

The third in our ongoing series on all the 57 states Hillary will win in November!
Sure it's a hate-endorsement. But it's an endorsement.

PJ O’Rourke Hopes To Do For Donald Trump What He Did To National Lampoon

P.J. O'Rourke, the conservative polemicist whose books unaccountably get shelved in the "humor" section, made a very serious announcement this weekend on National Public Radio's news quiz show "Wait Wait...Don't tell Me!" And what is that announcement? You needn't...
We're suspending reporters for sexxytimes now?

Fox News Guy Kicked Off Air Just For Gettin’ A Little Strange

In your WTF, Really? News today, a blessed distraction from the agita over Donald Trump's Ascension to the GOP nomination: Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry has been bounced off the air for an indeterminate time, because he...
This would explain a lot about Herman Cain's campaign

Your Saturday Nerdout: 1969 Anti-LSD Film Features Screaming Hot Dog Freakout

It's your Saturday, so it's time for your Saturday Nerdout. We've got a trippy anti-drug film with a terrifying troll-faced hot dog, the ugly dystopian reality behind Pokémon, a look at how NASA and NPR helped an old engineer...
Yeah, HE'S the idiot

Fox News: President Obama Again Proves He’s Out Of Touch By Stating Facts, Being Black

Important Fox News alert: President Obama is the worst! Again! What did he do this time? The usual: He opened his mouth, during an interview on NPR, and let words spill forth, and you know how he does that...
On Exxon's daughter's wedding day, no less.

Exxon Gonna Break Columbia University’s Kneecaps

This post supported by a grant from the Patty Dumpling Endowed Chair for coverage of oil spills, pipeline disasters, and leaning on journalists who don't know what's good for 'em, do they, boss? Remember how Exxon scientists concluded back in...

Sexciting Study Finds You Should Be Doin’ It Way More

Are you getting laid enough? If you are in a relationship -- the straight-sexual kind, or the legally gay kind, or the "it's complicated winky winky but still counts somehow" kind (whatever, Facebook) -- you might not be getting your...
We don't remember seeing this one at all. We must seek it out!

It’s Alive! Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is ALIVE! Your Weekend Nerdout

Happy Sunday Nerding to you all, Wonkers! Hope you are enjoying your weekly powered-down mode interval; as for us, we are toiling away in the snark mines, bringing you nothing but the finest possible nerdstuff, not to mention the...

OMG It’s Another New Star Wars Trailer, Now 20% Cooler! Your Saturday Nerdout

Guys, guys, GUYS!!!!! (We mean the gender-inclusive version of that, of course.) New international version of the Star Wars Trailer, with teensy bits of footage and dialogue that weren't in the previous New Trailer! You are required by Pavlovian reflex...
Look at this bunch of . . .

Let’s Meet The Biggest Loser Candidate In America. His Name Is Carl!

Peel your eyes off the Republican presidential primary train wreck for a moment, because all 140 seats in the Virginia General Assembly are up for election this fall. Most of the districts are gerrymandered to shit, but one of...
All Hail the Risen Blingee

Why Do You Weep? Blingee Lives! Your Saturday Nerdout

Hey, remember how a week or so back we were all bummed because one of the most useful dumb wonderful things on the Internet, Blingee, was going away forever? Turns out that the public reaction was so anguished, so...