It’s maybe too late to stop people from getting all carried away, but wackaloon WND writer and frequent Fox News guest Erik Rush just wants to inject a note of caution into all this hoopla over the passing of Nelson Mandela. Oh, sure, people say he was a great man and all, but isn’t all […]

When November 11 rolls around, this quote from Breakfast of Champions gets dragged out of storage and put on display¬†for the occasion of Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday and Armistice/Veterans’ Day. God knows we’ve done it ourselves, too. But that’s what remembrance and ceremony are for, after all, as mile markers on our half-blind flatcar ride through […]

When November 11 rolls around, it’s pretty common to see this Kurt Vonnegut quote about the date trotted out, and god knows we’ve done it ourselves a few times in the past ourselves. But it’s an awesome quote anyway, and since Vonnegut was never afraid of flirting with clich√©, neither will we. Let’s have a […]

“George Allen” is one of the names inscribed in gilded letters in Wonkette’s Book of Legends. For those of you too young to remember, he was a senator from Virginia and considered a viable candidate for the Republican nomination in 2008, but before he could become George W. Bush II: The Bushening, he had to […]

Since it’s obvious that all honorable and well-compensated jobs have disappeared into a puff of Internet ether, never to return, it’s important that every American turn any brush with fame, no matter now ridiculous or humiliating, into a round of talk show appearances that can in turn be leveraged into an “instant book” and a […]

The Obama campaign released a web video Tuesday morning as a friendly reminder to America that the President already knows who won the Iowa caucuses — in 2008, when he was Man of That Distant Year. Looking at pieces of media like this, it’s remarkable to think that Obama has the so-huge-it-sounds-fake sum of $99 […]