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Oh look, a whole posse of bigot states are joining together to say 'EW TRANS PEOPLE'!

Bill O'Reilly, who maybe beat his wife, has thoughts on how transgenders in bathrooms are 'inappropriate.'

Hey, a person arrested for peeing while trans - and it wasn't the trans person!

Gay-hatin' wingnuts, Target has some bad news for you.

You get over here and listen to all these songs RIGHT NOW.

The trans folk are making Sen. Inhofe very pee-shy. ALLEGEDLY.

A Connecticut woman says the was called "disgusting" in a Walmart restroom by a shopper who assumed she was trans because she has short hair. Disgusting? Maybe. But COMPLETELY ADORABLE.

It's time again to take a fond look back at some of the nuttier comments left for our enjoyment and edification in the last week.

Phil Bryant says he is just trying to protect people who want to discriminate from being discriminated against.

The Obama administration is sending a letter to public schools nationwide informing them that they'll have to let trans students use the restrooms they want to. Clearly, America is over, once again.

This is for sure a thing that will turn out well for everyone involved.

Fox News professional victim and suspected pee enthusiast Todd Starnes fears the government will pry a urinal from his cold dead hands.

United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch is pissed off, y'all. After the Justice Department told North Carolina to fix its damn transgender bathroom law...

BREAKING NEWS: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is a moron.

OH HEY WONKERS, WHAT IS SHAKING? We are fine, thank you for asking. So, it's Saturday and that means it's time for your weekly Top...

Oh golly, North Carolina idiot Gov. Pat McCrory and the other Republicans who helped create the state's insane anti-LGBT discrimination law are making the saddest...

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