Hi, Wonkeratti. It’s time once again for another infuriating Wonkette Sci-Blog. Sharpen your pitchforks, grab a torch and come on in. The very first Wonkette hotline tip I got on Monday was a forwarded link.  Just from reading the text in the link (Cassini found plastics! It has to be Titan, right? Cool!), it looked […]

Oh good, Fox News, critical thinkers that they are, are DETERMINED to bring you the truth about so-called “climate change,” which may or may not be real given that “some people” continue to point out that it is just a “theory.” As we all know, if “some people” believe something, it is worthy of including […]

Exactly how many stupid, stupid people do we have in Congress these days, toiling away in the world’s most deliberative lawmaking body, making decisions that will probably imperil the very survival of the human race? And of these stupid, stupid people, how many are willing to talk to reporters and make good and sure that […]

Washington, DC is back down to 85 degrees again today — after two weeks of terrifyingly scorching volcano hell heat worse than anything that even the space between Chris Christie’s thighs have ever encountered, of course. But still: It’s 85 now. Al Gore is back to being fat and gay again, by all reasonable estimates. […]

As tsunami waves from the Japan earthquake begin to hit Hawaii and are on their way to our West Coast, the federal government has been closely monitoring the situation at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and is issuing advisories to those affected as necessary. Luckily, they aren’t anticipating major damage. The United States is able […]

So you’ve probably been thinking throughout this whole gulf-destroying oil spill business: Isn’t there, like, some kind of meddling bureaucratic government agency that’s supposed to make whiny liberal complaints about potential environmental apocalypse when someone asks to set up an offshore drilling rig? Turns out that, whoops, there is, and they have been, but the […]

FUNNY PICTURES  2:11 pm September 22, 2005

They Call the Wind …

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