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Tag: nma

Here’s Some Sex Cartoon of the Devil Boning Rick Santorum Or Something

Those Taiwanese animators are sure having some sexytime fun with Rick Santorum. It is important to wonder if these Taiwanese animators are even American, the way they attack our most precious institutions (Satan, Rick Santorum).

Taiwanese Political Animators Finally Get Perfect Subject: David Wu

For a brief moment of Internet Time, everybody on the Internet loved the NMA wacky Taiwanese animated YouTube versions of the latest U.S. political scandals. And then, like everything, these videos (and the whole concept) got old. In desperation,...

We Are So Sorry About Posting This NMA Weiner Cartoon

But what are we going to do, just let this pass us by? If we do not follow the cheesy political self-pic Twitter scandal of the day, which this Anthony Weiner guy does not seem to be calming down...

Animated Michelle Obama Superhero Kills McDonaldland Clown With Dildo

This is the story that finally almost broke the computers at Next Media Animation, because these Chinese animators have an incredibly hard time making fat people -- everyone in the NMA animated video world looks like a 15-year-old skinny...