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The Titan refugee program was a bad idea, we'll admit

The Resisters, The Resisted, and The Dumb Border Wall: Your Corporate Roundup

Which corporations are sucking slightly less this week? Hint: it's not Uber!
Jesus loves the little children, unless they're super-duper gay. SING ALONG!

Big Banks Won’t Stop Cramming Homosexuals Down Franklin Graham’s Throat

Poor persecuted Franklin Graham, insane wingnut son of evangelist Billy Graham and president of his daddy's association, saw a Wells Fargo ad on the teevee, and the ad had lesbians in it, and this shall not stand! So he took...
Yes, asshole, it was something you did

Defending Baby-beater Adrian Peterson Costs Money So Never Mind About Due Process

It's sarcasm-funny how only two days ago, the Minnesota Vikings announced that while "we take very seriously any matter that involves the welfare of a child," there was no reason running back Adrian Peterson shouldn't be allowed to kick...

You Deserve A Break Today With Some Happy Nice Time

Whittle away at your afternoon by sneaking over to Happy Nice Time People and reading about how some lady sportsball runners are protesting Nike being evil, how you really probably shouldn't see 300: Rise of an Empire even though...

Nike Will Trade You 500 Jobs for Billions of Dollars in Tax Revenue

Nice local economy you have there, Oregon. Wouldn't want anything to happen to it would you? Good, then you'll surely trade us billions of dollars in tax revenue, for, say, 500 jobs. Isn't that a sweet deal? Sure it...

Nike Plane Mania!