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Remembering America’s Glenn Beck Slob Picnic, With Historical Video

Did you love GlennBeckPalooza so much that you wish it would just happen forever, sort of like a picnic but the people never go home, because they actually live in the bushes? Well then, you will love these videos...

Is The ‘Real’ Rod Blagojevich This Libertarian Pamphlet Editor?

We have been looking far and wide for the ultimate Blago doppelganger and here he is: the famous local zombie editor of Reason, Nick Gillespie. Or is Gillespie just too cool?

We Went To A Robert Gibbs Party, And Then A Reason Party!

Your Wonkette despises leaving the house, ever, except for such things as food, but even that can frequently come in the form of home delivery these days, what with the Internet and all. But it is Holiday season, alas,...

Reason Mag’s Holiday Party Was [Clever Play on “Reason”]

Libertarian super-chic magazine Reason held its "Secular Christmas" party in DC last night, and Team Wonkette was all over that shit. Among the many (one) super celebrity guests was Christopher Hitchens, whose alcohol tummy shone in full force as...


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