Dear god, this Obamacare thing has gotten completely out of control! Noel Sheppard at rightwing freakout machine Newsbusters has discovered a shocking, horrible thing: The Affordable Care Act will even sell insurance to bad people! In reaction to a CNN Money story about a San Francisco sex worker who organized an effort to get people […]

Newsbusters’ Associate Editor Noel Sheppard pores tirelessly over leftist news outlets like Saturday Night Live to raise the general public’s awareness of liberal media bias. Without his vigilance, we (since we are not familiar with this news agency Saturday Night Live – perhaps it is one of those “blogs”?) may have missed Jamie Foxx’s vitriolic […]

One graphics intern or another at CBS’ news website decided it would be a good idea to create an image, for a story about upcoming law-making gridlock, of Obama’s face split in two, featuring a weird scar and a new, whiter half-face. This white face, however, happens to be on the “Republican” half of the […]

And you thought Wonkette was having a slow news day! Well Tim Graham of the conservative Media Research Center’s porn blog, Newsbusters, has been reading most newspaper obituaries of newly dead actor Patrick Swayze, for political blog material. But it all paid off when he reached paragraph 23 of the Washington Post’s version only to […]

The Indecision Forever blog ranks this Newsbusters poll as “The Dumbest Piece of Internet Pollution This Earth Day,” which would be true, if it weren’t for the comments section immediately below it.

MEDIA  10:42 am February 21, 2006

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