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Father Forgive them, for they are dumb as fuck like whoa.

Trump Might Send 100,000 National Guard Troops To Round Up Illegal Mexicans. Totally Normal.

Hey, know who ELSE rounded up lots of people?

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Terror! Wonkagenda For December 20, 2016

Trump's electoral college victory might now be what it seems, Newt Gingrich declares war, and Obama Red Phones Valdimir Putin. Your Daily News Brief!

Hey You Sad, Sulking Liberals, Get Off Your Asses And DO THIS.

Let's get Louisiana Democrat Foster Campbell in the Senate, to fight against Trump Louisiana-style!

David Duke Almost As Good At Debates As Donald Trump!

David Duke doesn't hate ALL Jews. Just the ones who are in on the conspiracy.

Donald Trump Doesn’t Know If Ted Cruz’s Dry Drunk Dad Murdered JFK, But MAYBE!

Did you hear about the breaking news about how on top of how Ted Cruz is maybe the Zodiac Killer, his dry-drunk dad might have been Lee Harvey Oswald's fluffer when he murdered our beloved President John Fitzgerald Kennedy?...

Antarctica Set To Drown Louisiana Dead By 2100, So There’s A Good Reason To Drink

Sad news about the global warming hoax, you guys. Turns out that the liberal scientists are so committed to their big lie that they're going to go down to Antarctica and melt all the ice, which will cause the...
This is America now basically

These Southern Governors Ain’t Got Time For Your Dumbass Gay-Hatin’ Rigamarole

<a href="http://wonkette.com/600470/gov-nikki-haley-not-entirely-sure-why-yall-gotta-be-such-bigots"></a>In all the gross bad terrible news about anti-gay bills coming out of the South, there have been a few shining lights, specifically, three Southern governors who have decided NOT to be complete dicks. Two are Republicans and...
Careful photo-analysis shows Rafael Cruz on congas

Perfectly Sane ‘Researcher’ Just Asking If Ted Cruz’s Jerk Daddy Killed Kennedy (Yes)

We can think of about nine bajillion reasons Ted Cruz shouldn't be president, but here's one we hadn't considered: Maybe his dry-drunk daddy was part of a CIA plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy!!! The shocking conspiracy theory comes...
OK, sure. He's been called worse things.

Republican Arkansas Governor To Spend MLK Day Stomping On Confederate Hearts

It's that special holiday again, the one where Republicans get on Twitter and Facespace and say things like, "You know, if Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive today, he wouldn't be such a fan of The Blacks!" You think...

Racists And History Nerds Join Forces To Save New Orleans Confederate Treasures

We reported last week that the New Orleans City Council had voted to grind the city's confederate monuments down to a fine dust and force pig turd racists to snort them for a Festivus miracle. OK maybe it didn't vote for...
Bye, fucker!

New Orleans Kills Confederate Traitors All Over Again

Ever since the horrific murders in Charleston, South Carolina, of nine black churchgoers by a young radicalized white supremacist named Dylann Roof, civilized places throughout the great American South have been looking at their Confederate relics and deciding them's ugly and dumb....

Looks Like David Vitter Might Be Sleeping On The Couch Again

Sexy family values funtimes Sen. David Vitter and the Louisiana GOP want you to know SCARY BROWNS aren't just comin' to git ya, Bayou-Americans, THEY'RE ALREADY HERE: Just yesterday, David Vitter had to notify the Obama Administration that a Syrian refugee who had been...

George W. Bush In New Orleans: Heckuva Job, Myself!

    George W. Bush returned to the scene of the crime Friday, speaking briefly at a high school that had been flooded during Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago. You will be astonished that his remarks were utterly devoid of self-reflection or...
Obama probably shouldn't mention weather either.

Bobby Jindal Begs Obama Not To Say Dumb Climate Change Stuff On Katrina Anniversary

Big anniversary happening on Saturday! Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana, and the storm and the levee breaches it caused altered the course of history for New Orleans and surrounding areas. And, as governor of Louisiana,...
Obama probably shouldn't mention weather either.

Lady Writer Wishes Hurricane Katrina Would Destroy Chicago, Is That Mean?

Hey, remember Hurricane Katrina? It was ten years ago, almost! It was devastating. The final death count was 1,836 in Louisiana and Mississippi, and over half of them were elderly. Eighty percent of the city of New Orleans was...