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Sundays With The Christianists: American History Textbooks That Kept Us Safe From Terrorism

  Omission Accomplished
He Kept Us Mostly Safe Kind Of
Well, fans of Christianist textbooks, just like in 1989, we’re just about at the end of history ...
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Cheery ‘Operation Save America’ Folks Stage Fun-Times Open-Casket ‘Wake’ For Aborted Fetus

  weird fetus fetish
You can pet the fetus, Jimmy. Go ahead, pet the fetus.
Oh, those fun-loving merry tricksters from “Operation Save America!” Last Sunday, the ...
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Fun-Loving Anti-Abortion Pals Making New Friends! (Invading Unitarian Church, Calling Them Satan)

  in christ's name we prey
Unitarian Services, as imagined by Operation Save America
Just in case you thought that going to your own church might be a good way to avoid fundagelical ...
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