New Black Panther Party

Remember when history’s greatest and most pervasive monsters, the New Black Panther Party, showed up with a whopping two dudes or so in Philly in 2008 and stood around intimidating little old white ladies by holding doors open for them and everyone over at The Daily Blaze Glenn Caller Beck Show whined all the whines […]

Do stick around for the best part of this (don’t worry, it’s short!) video: where the hot terrifying black man says good morning to the old white lady and opens the door for her. Will the outrages NEVER END? [DailyKos]

In a super-exclusive (read: he was the only person who would talk to them) interview with World Net Daily’s Aaron Klein, New Black Panther Party head Malik Shabazz (real name: Paris Lewis) threatens to once again dominate the white man at up to one polling place in November. During an interview on WABC Radio’s “Aaron […]

Did you know that Barack Hussein NOoBaMA is such a racist against white people, because three black dudes were idiots outside a Philadelphia polling site once, and also because how dare he say the Cambridge police acted stupidly just because they arrested a black Harvard professor inside his own home, for B&E? Yup, that sure […]

Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller has a SCOOP you guys! Someone in the Zimmerman family wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, explaining they are not racist and saying the only reason Eric Holder hasn’t arrested the New Black Panther Party is because Eric Holder is black, and all blacks are always sticking together and […]

Mark your calendars! At this Friday’s hearing of the “Civil Rights Commission” or whatever, some lawyer from the Department of Justice will tell lies and cover up the truth about why Minister of Justice Eric Holder dropped federal voter intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party last year. Holder let them off […]