Today’s winner of the “At Least You Didn’t Say Hitler” award goes to Arizona state Rep. Kelly Townsend, who said she was shocked to see video of police using a stun gun on one of the sons of Hero Nevada Scofflaw Cliven Bundy. How upsetting was the video, exactly? “Watching that video last night created […]

This is video of part of a confrontation between federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management and insurgents who reject the federal government’s claim of sovereignty over federal lands in Nevada. in·sur·gent noun \-jənt\: a person who fights against an established government or authority We covered the Bundy Ranch insurgents yesterday, focusing mostly on the rhetorical […]

If there’s anything the right loves, it’s Law & Order, because if you don’t respect the law, you’re a lawless criminal. Barack Obama, for instance, is a lawless renegade who thinks that the executive branch can make changes to how the Affordable Care Act is administered without asking permission from the Tea Party. And violators […]

From the beautiful state of Nevada, we bring you the imaginative linguistic stylings of congressional candidate Cresent Hardy, a member of the state Assembly who would very much like to replace first-term Democrat Steven Horsford in the 4th District. On Tuesday, Hardy gave an interview to the Las Vegas Sun in which he shared some […]

We all had a bit of a sad when crazy Sharron Angle and her Second Amendment solutions lost her challenge to Harry Reid back in 2010. Oh, sure, Harry’s competent and an effective Majority Leader and, significantly, not full-bugfuck crazy. But Sharron Angle was entertaining, with her nutso call — long before the election of […]

Here’s another story about sex workers who are happy to get insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Combine that with wingnut Noel Sheppard’s freakout over san Francisco hookers signing up for the ACA, and it is now officially a Trend. of course, in this case, the women signing up are legally employed at a Nevada […]

Good news! Nevada Senator Dean Heller, a Republican, announced today that he will support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, likely giving the bill the 60 votes it needs to pass the Senate. After that, it will go to the House of Representatives, […]

Nevada State Assemblyman Jim Wheeler wants to make it absolutely clear that he is not in favor of slavery, OK? He was just trying to make a point, and all you smartasses in the media took what he said he believed and acted like he believed what he said. What happened was that back in […]

Well how’s this for a weird confluence of unlikely events? A Nevada family is suing a local police department for alleged violations of the rarely invoked Third Amendment. Not only that, but it’s being reported — accurately! — by Ghost Breitbart’s Internet Tendency, and we agree with pretty much everything Breitbart’s Ken Klukowski says about […]

Everyone knows that only Republicans understand real family values. That’s just, like, a fact, man. Check Wikipedia or something. It’s because of liberals and feminists and commies and Hillary Clinton’s stupid “it takes a village” nonsense that our society is in decay, which leads to all sorts of untoward behavior — like hate-filled rants on […]

That is so weird, how when you vote against something that has a nearly 90 percent approval rating, all of a sudden no one likes you anymore! (Here is how hard it is to get 90 percent of the populace to agree on something, and our favorite statistic that we will still be using on […]

Well hellloooooo Nevada Senator Kelvin Atkinson! You are a super handsome black man, a state Senator, and during last night’s (successful!) debate over letting Nevada open up its quickie wedding industry to homosexers, you came out as a big old gay! (Also, one Republican and one Mormon dude voted in favor of repealing the gay […]

Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks is having a very bad year. First the North Las Vegas Democrat was arrested with a loaded weapon after (ALLEGEDLY!) threatening the life of the Democratic Speaker-elect, Marilyn someone or other. Then he gave a buckwild shirtless interview, with his attorney, Dr. Gonzo, explaining that he wasn’t crazy (INSTITUTION) you’re the […]

Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks (a Democrat!) did not threaten to murder Nevada Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick with a loaded gun that he was carrying, said Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks. Instead, Nevada Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick is trying to kill him! What else should we know about Brooks’s interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal? A) It was “disjointed.” […]

Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks is in jail for threatening to shoot his fellow Democrat, Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, with the loaded gun he was carrying. We are assuming this will be the first case of the NRA and Gun Owners of America agreeing that this law-abiding citizen should not have access to a gun!