netroots nation

Who would anyone want to go to a Wonkette Detroit happy hour, besides maybe a car or something? Are you a CAR? So come to Wonkette Providence happy hour instead — it’s right down the street! — with “Internet writer Jim Newell,” who will have to get drunk early in the afternoon by himself if […]

Ugh, they spelled the name of this blog wrong again! It’s spelled “Guardian.” Anyway, your Wonkette is here at the 2012 Netroots Nation conference in little-who-cares-whatever state Rhode Island, to watch liberals “pop off” about the issues of the day. We’ve already had a vegetarian wrap for lunch and watched a movie about rape in […]

Uh oh, Bill Clinton went to “AIPAC for libtards” yesterday, and what did his audience do immediately? Get up and yell about all of those terrible laws against gay people he signed during his presidency: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act, the “Gog and Magog” of 1990s federal gay people legislation. […]

The clone armies of Markos Molasses, Matt “David” Yglesias and others are still in Pittsburgh playing grab-ass with the supposed racist Bill Clinton at this year’s Netroots Nation conference. What the dickens are they hoping to achieve? Well this morning, during an address from former Republican sack o’ cancer Arlen Specter, they were able to […]

Were you at Netroots Nation? Your Wonkette was not invited. But Matt Yglesias was, and he spoke on every panel covering every imaginable topic: Afghanistan, climate change, tax policy, amateur dentistry, LOLcats — everything. [Matt Yglesias] “First Obama’s brownshirts came for the old people, but I was not an old person, so I said nothing. […]

Here’s the magic secret to throwing a good free party: Have an open bar that will pour actual booze instead of just beer and wine, serve good food, and make sure the attractive people show up. This last hurdle can be pretty difficult to overcome at a blogger party, which was why the geniuses at […]