In today’s edition of Things We Didn’t Already Crosspost Here, we have Klingon Nerd Beer for Nerds, Our Terrible Brackets (Jeff wouldn’t let me choose EVERY underdog for EVERY sportsball match, despite the fact I almost won ALL THE DOLLARS once exacta-ing the top two longshots, but then I forgot to box them, or I […]

Do you have a (figurative or literal) boner for political and sportsball prognosticating whiz kid Nate Silver? We got one from reading The Signal and the Noise,probably because yr humble correspondent minored in statistics in college. It raged even harder last year when we heard about the 538/ESPN deal (despite reservations about that fucking pedophile Mickey Mouse). […]

Foreign Policy has a detailed, insightful profile of the “cowboy” approach to surveillance taken by NSA Director Keith Alexander. There’s a lot of important, outrageous, we-should-be-worried-about-this stuff in there about his cavalier approach to the law and to civil liberties and privacy. And we’re going to completely ignore all that, because somebody sent us a […]

Good news everyone! We are relieved, we are SO relieved, because as of Saturday, there are criminal penalties (including jail time and a fine of up to $500,000) for unlocking your phone so you can switch cel phone providers. Is this an oversight, you might be wondering? A mere loophole in an otherwise sound piece […]

Nerds who petitioned the White House to “Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016″ were dealt a massive wedgie by Paul “Darth” Shawcross Friday. The Chief of the Science and Space Branch of the Office of Management and Budget posted a fairly epic bit of geekery, noting that “The […]

The dumb jocks who elect Michigan governors aren’t happy with current nerd governor Rick Snyder just because he signed a Right To Work bill into law basically before the damn thing was written and otherwise sat on his thumbs as the state legislature conducted a lame duck session so radical that it made Robespierre’s Committee of […]

Mitt Romney’s tax returns: Where are they??? If you have been following the presidential campaign to this point, in which Barack Obama’s birth certificate and Mitt Romney’s tax returns have battled it out for the title of Most Important Boring Government Document In History, you’ve probably assumed that Romney long ago encased these dangerous pieces […]

Nerds everywhere are celebrating last night’s successful landing of NASA’s “Curiosity” rover, breathing a sigh of relief, glorying in the awesome technological achievement, and giddily anticipating that some JPL engineers will almost certainly get laid. But hold on just a damn minute, here: rage-based nonsequitur generator Michelle Malkin would just like to remind all you […]

Oh, Washington Post writer Emily Heil, we were going to make excuses for you, assuming you were some poor underpaid intern forced to churn out blog postlets for the Post’s “In The Loop” blog, which is different from all the other blogs the Post has, somehow, there’s probably a logic to it, but then we […]

It is going to take weeks to unpack all of this New Yorker-length Vanity Fair article “Portrait Of Obama As A Pretentious Young Man,” but we at Your Wonkette know your carnal and emotional needs, and that is to have regular updates on this, the greatest magazine journalism of its generation. Up now! She remembered […]

Yeah yeah, President Obama seems to be in this picture too, but DAMN, Nichelle Nichols, you are 170,000 years old, and you are freaking FOIN. (Squee note, you are wearing a space necklace.) [TPM]

Oh hooray, there is a new Internet Meme, just in time to Make the Internet Laugh Again, during this era of gloom and strife and unspeakable bullshit. Mr. Spock is a demon from the not-actually-popular television melodrama Star Trek, which was a cultural contemporary of the Sid & Marty Kroft show H.R. Pufnstuf and The […]

Won’t somebody think of the real victims? Hundreds of Union and Confederate re-enactors plan to stay in Forts Sumter and Moultrie, another Park Service site across the harbor, during a week of events. If there is a shutdown, plans will move forward to re-enact the bombardment Tuesday with about 30 cannons ringing the harbor from […]

Make no mistake, Michigan has a whole lot of financial problems, pretty much all the time. It’s the only state in the Union that continually bleeds residents more residents than it takes in and thus loses much of its tax base each year. And it’s not just the state government, which has to make cuts […]

So we don’t know if you heard but it sounds like the midterm elections might not go so well, for the Democrats! Naturally this is of some concern to Barack Obama, who barely was able to pass any good laws despite controlling an overwhelming congressional majority, so who knows how he’s going to deal with […]