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White Supremacist Site Offers Hot Tips For Turning Your Girlfriend Into The Bigot Of Your Dreams

You, too, can have your very own Eva Braun just by following these handy relationship tips!
True fact: Personal grooming regimen strictly dictated by Andrew Breitbart himself

Steve Bannon Doesn’t Just Have A Black Friend, HE HAS TWO OF THEM!

He was being totally Not Racist when he said only landowners should be able to vote. HONEST!

Deleted Comments: Trump’s Not Racist, And You’re Going To The Ovens

'The people have spoke. No more free habdouts!' Who are we to disagree?

The Humble Hannity? Your Wonkagenda, November 2, 2016

Donald Trump's pervy sex novel, Bernie Sanders burns big pharma, and a Texas A.G. learns all about Twitter. Your Morning News Brief!

White Nationalist Dude Pretty Sure Evan McMullin Is Secret Gay Homosexual Spy

A robocall going out to Utah voters says independent candidate Evan McMullin has two lesbians for mommies and likes men in the sexual way!

Donald Trump Will Build A Wall Around Syrian Refugees, And He’ll Make The Ay-Rabs Pay For It!

Suuuuuure he will. Remember how Trump pussed out when he was face-to-face with the president of Mexico?

Remember When Donald Trump Thought Paula Deen Hurling N-Word Around Was No Biggie?

If Charlie Rangel could say 'cracker,' why can't white people say the N-word? TRUMP SENSED A DOUBLE STANDARD!
Maybe they'll call me 'The Great Communicator'...

Donald Trump Jr. Making Silly LOL Holocaust Jokes, As One Does

That boy's not that bright, and he might be a giant bigot too!

Badass Hillary Clinton Ad Just Saying Donald Trump And The KKK Are Madly In Love, Is All

Hillary also teaching America about the pathetic 'alt-right' movement. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight, idiots!
You do realize we're going to keep the military bases...

Success Of Brexit Vote Inspires Slack-Jawed Yokels To Demand ‘Texit.’ Get It? ‘TEXIT’!

The Brexit vote has Texas secessionists all excited, because every now and then they need to be mentioned in the media. And then laughed at.

Oh Great, Taylor Swift Is Literally Hitler Now

Some racists on the Internet think so, so you know it is true.
What 'hate groups'? Do you have a list?

Trump’s Aryan Supermen Terrified By Obama’s Jewish Supreme Court Nominee

David Duke, the nice former Grand Wazoo of the KKK who Donald Trump eventually decided to disavow, abjure, and wink at seductively, is all kinds of upset by secret Muslim Barack Hussein Obama's nomination of Hebrew Silver Fox Merrick...

Oregon Militia Dongweasels Too Good For Free Dildos, We Guess

Awwwww, those jacknugget Bundy militia boys are upset! They've been begging for snacky cakes and Miracle Whip and Tampax and instead everybody's sending them complimentary sex toys, to put inside their fannies and their mouths or maybe to just...
These are not the KKKinder and Gentler Hello KKKitties

FBI Ruins Nice White Power Rangers’ Plan To Kill All The Blacks And Jewishes

The FBI went and ruined some white supremacist guys' plot for setting off a glorious Race War, arresting three Virginia men who had big plans for a campaign of terror that fortunately never got any further than the Dream Big...
Nothing classes up the joint like a top hat and monocle

Deleted Comments Of The Week: This Is Clearly A Homo-Sexual Web-Page

What a week! Our Deleted Comments queue fairly groans with vast loads of deleted idiocy, and yet, we find ourselves facing quite the conundrum: While we had enormous numbers of deleted comments, not many of them were really all...
Jesus was a party animal.

Will Christian DJs Go To Hell For Celebrating 60-Year-Old Gay Dudes’ Birthdays?

Time for a dispatch from the ever-changing, goalposts-moving definition of the phrase "religious freedom." All these whiny bitchy wingnuts have been protesting that they DO NOT EITHER hate the gays, but it violates their Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs™ to do...