neiman marcus

It’s that time of year again! Time for the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Christmas Book of Charming Gifts for the guy at Papa Johns! Can you stand the excitement? Neither can we! But while there are plenty of stupid ways to blow the greasy wads of cash that have turned you from human being to Donald […]

In the 90s, McCain gave thousands of dollars of Neiman Marcus gift certificates to fashion terrorist Rashid Khalidi. [Ezra Klein] This Mass. state senator accepted bribes from a swanky European-style discotheque called “Dejavu” in exchange for getting them a liquor license. Naturally, there are hotpixxx of her stuffing $1000 of this illicit ca$h into her […]

McCain’s wife-swapping stunt: Will it work? [Princess Sparkle Pony] Add $13 thousand in makeup per month—a sum that could buy several, if not many, lipsticks—to Sarah Palin’s $700 billion fashion bailout. [The Sleuth] White supremacists are getting so bored of all their Nazi regalia, which means the RNC should give them $150k to go to […]