How was your Fourth of July? Did you celebrate ‘Merica? Maybe you attended a small-town parade, because those are always a testament to joy and open-mindedness. You probably wish you’d gone to this cool parade in Norfolk, Nebraska, that featured an “Obama Presidential Library” float where the “library” was an outhouse, because that is some […]

Don’t throw out those tricorn hats quite yet, people. The Tea Party is on the comeback trail. This is good news for America, as our strategic snark reserve might otherwise have fallen to historic lows this campaign cycle. In what is either a sign of a conservative wave this fall or an indication that Republican […]

As political satirical fun time bloggers, we applaud the new ease with which any candidate anywhere can make themselves a YouTube and spit out a campaign ad, because that really has been comedy gold for us over the past few years. Even the big folks have used YouTube to get weird, like Ted Cruz with […]

It’s been about ten seconds since we had some nonsense person declare that he’s a salt of the earth man o’ the people tax-hatin’ rootin-tootin’ kinda guy, so let’s meet Ben Sasse. Mr. Sasse is running for Senate in corn-fed Nebraska, and he has a super smart idea we’re sure you’ll all dig: In a […]

Nebraska congresscritter Lee Terry,* who last week defiantly explained that unlike other people, he needs his congressional paycheck even during the government shutdown, has seen the light, thanks to the help of the Omaha World-Herald in sharing with the world his belief that he was entitled to full pay because he has “a nice house […]

(Breaking: See Schadenfreude-Filled Update at end of post) Welcome to all our Wonkettarian brothers and sisters. Our Inspirational Verse today comes from the Book of Chuck Jones and the Testament of Daffy, who sayeth, “After all, it was me or him, and obviously, it couldn’t be me. It’s a simple matter of logic. I’m not […]

Canteloupe-calved hate machine Steve King told an anti-immigration rally in Omaha, Nebraska, last Friday that illegal immigrants are a murderous mob of murdery evil: Recalling a conversation he had with a former INS agent, Mike Cutler, during a congressional hearing, King said he asked Cutler, “How many Americans have died at the hands of [illegal immigrants] […]

Nebraska and Oklahoma: Two neighboring states that proudly embrace their independent pioneer heritage, their rival university f’ball teams with silly names, and their domination by agribusiness interests — they are like power bottoms for Archer Daniels Midland! Both states also share a near-complete stranglehold on state politics by the GOP. (Oh sure, Nebraska’s weirdass unicameral […], KDUH, Scottsbluff, News, Weather and Sports First of all, there is a black legislator from Nebraska. Second of all, he spent yesterday going Wrath of God on his fellow leggies, whether Dem or Republican, and specifically called them out (by name) for their gambling and fornicating and homosexing. Third of all, he told them […]

Achtung! Achtung! Important Hollywood Celebrity Endorsement News! But maybe Bob Kerrey’s opponent — whom Google tells us is one state Sen. Deb Fischer? — can get Janine Turner to cut her some crazy-ass vid. [PoliticalWire]

Some folks out in Real America who probably have no problem with President Obama’s unchecked expansion of the drone war to kill children in 500 countries or its use of drones to survey the Mexican border or its use of domestic drones everywhere else because this is something we’ve allowed to happen have finally come […]

WELL! Thank you Wonkette operative “OkieDokieDog,” for passing along this film of great beauty and poetry. It is of a Nebraska lady getting all hot and nasty about Gay Sex Orgiers, with their P-E-N-I-S-es. They are Homiciders. And the UN/UNESCO, somehow. We do not know. But it should certainly have more than 313 views, so […]

Former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey has changed his mind and will run for Ben Nelson’s Senate seat! He, like Nelson, is an annoying centrist deficit whiner, but (a) at least he’s not horrible old Ben Nelson and (b) he is capable of winning the seat. Oh and (c), he once said this about then-newbie Senator […]

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning has some kind of rambling magical woodland children’s bedtime story about coons ‘n beetles ‘n rat carcass to share with everybody. Here is your Google translation from the original Wingnut Gibberish: “If the EPA leaves buckets of insects scattered around the bulldozers at an abandoned construction site, the poor turn […]

Are you sick of primaries yet? Yes? Too bad! There are several more of them today! Sex maniac Nikki Haley will probably win, after Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin turned her into a proxy for America, by fighting for her love. Also, a black conservative will probably beat Strom Thurmond’s son; a lesbian is running […]