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Your Weekly Top Ten Is Exhausted By Trump, And It’s Only Been Two Damn Weeks


NBC Throws Out Beloved Black TV Hosts For Megyn Kelly, Is That Weird?

And thus begins the rightwingening of NBC.

Lib Trash Megyn Kelly Joining Lib Trash NBC News, Where Lib Trash Belongs

CONGRATS, MEGYN KELLY, even if we kinda hate you sometimes.

Butthurt Americans Made Many Butthurt Election Complaints To FCC This Year!

For real, Americans' FCC complaints this year were PRETTY DUMB.


Thanks a lot, media, for literally helping turn the world's greatest democracy over to a fucking tyrant.
It wasn't his case, but 9/11

Radicalized FBI Sleeper Cell Probably Led By Rudy Giuliani

Haha, attempted coups are hilarious!

Donald Trump Will Make It Illegal For #Rigged Media To Hurt His Feelings

In Donald Trump's America, you won't be allowed to make Donald Trump cry!
Needed more Fallout: New Vegas references

Newsbusters Knows Who Is The Real Pussy-Grabber, And It Is Sci-Fi Time-Travel Ghost Of JFK

Damn feminists have ruined mediocre TV sci-fi, tell you what.

Hillary Clinton Hacked Up Lung In Cleveland, And NBC News Is ON IT!

Dear NBC: Delete your account.

Hillary Is Lady President Of The World Now, And We Are Going Home

For real, we are getting in the car and going back to Memphis.

California Dude Whips Out Snake In Restaurant. No, Like An Actual Non-Penis Snake

We talk a lot about Florida Man in this here news business, but our old friend California Man is also pretty impressive when it comes to crazy. So what's the latest in California Man's world? Oh, y'know. Just vengefully...
Don't drink the water

Democrats Have Civilized Conversation About America Like A Bunch Of Grown-Ups, Lame

On Sunday night, three grown-ass people stood on a stage and discussed issues facing Americans, like climate change and how it is indisputably bad; like healthcare for every man (women didn't come up quite so much) and how that is...
Joan Crawford's Eyebrows for President

Carly Fiorina OK With Terrorists Buying Guns As Long As They Use Them Responsibly

Bless her corporation-wreckin' heart, Carly Fiorina does at least know two things for sure: 1) Terrorism Bad; and 2) NRA Good. Unfortunately, those two things sort of got all tangled up for her on Thursday's Morning Joe, when she...

How We Got Even Dumber Watching TV ‘News’ On San Bernardino

Jesus, but this story was an effing mess. Watching the major networks (primarily Fox, MSNBC, and CNN, although at one point we flipped to CBSNews for about 20 minutes because we needed a power nap), yr Wonkette was subjected to so...