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Tag: nazis

Neo-Nazi Nerds Bitching About ‘Star Wars’ Again, Because Yoda Is A Rabbi Or Something

And don't even get them STARTED on Spock!

White Supremacist Site Offers Hot Tips For Turning Your Girlfriend Into The Bigot Of Your Dreams

You, too, can have your very own Eva Braun just by following these handy relationship tips!

Stormfront Neo-Nazis Want Your Kids To Catch Pokémons, Jews

They plan to wear Make America Great Again hats and skull masks in order to hand out Nazi propaganda at Pokémon gyms. What could go wrong!

Is Obama Activating Million-Beyoncé Army To Make Him Dictator For Life? PROBABLY!

It's so obvious, how did we never see this before?
What's Pony Hillary drinking? A Bloody Mare-y, of course.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Oh God, Not Another Hillary-Bernie Thread!

We got a whole lot of angry comments about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and we have no idea why. OK, maybe some idea why.
Watch where you point that thing, bub

Alex Jones Auditions To Be Trump’s White House Press Secretary With Very Sane Revolution Rant

Alex Jones is kind of a sore winner. After his boy Donald Trump won the Indiana primary Tuesday night and Ted Cruz dropped out of the campaign, Jones posted a rambling shouty video -- and we mean rambling, even...

This Pastor Wants To Show You His Penis At Target To Prove Other People Are Predators

Oh look, it's another TOTALLY NORMAL REACTION to how Target has issued a policy that says people can use whichever restroom matches their gender identity. We are beginning to wonder what wingnuts actually do in the bathroom, because for a...

Finnish Clowns Give Marauding Bigots Exactly The Respect They Deserve

That headline is going to take some explaining, so stick with us here. Alright, so, Finland. You guys know Finland, right? It's the third biggest Scandinavian country, after the ones you always remember first. Its chief exports are alcoholism and...

Koch Brothers’ Daddy Loved Hitler So Much He Built A Nazi Oil Refinery

Obviously as political bloggers, we get lots of chances to call people Nazis or compare them to Hitler, because why not? Going full Godwin's Law on the Internet is as American as apple pie. Or something. But it is...
The doctor is in, oh fuck!

Ben Carson Promises To Bathe In The Blood Of Innocents

As we all know, Ben Carson is the smartest, bestest brain surgeon in the whole United States of Earth, and this is why he will be the best president ever. At least, that seems to be his argument. Wonkette...

Congress Votes To Crap Its Pants, Surrender To ISIS

In an inspiring act of defeatocrat cowardice, the House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass its emergency OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ORWELLIAN-NAMED BILL, the SAFE Act, to let ISIS know good job, guys, you're winning, keep up the good work! The...

Team Trying To Upgrade Ben Carson’s Brain Admits Operation Has Failed

World-class brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is having a real hard time understanding foreign stuff. Like, he gets that, "In the United States, we have Republicans, Democrats, and independents." But when it comes to other countries, like Israel, which...
Actual wall will be built even more bigly

Donald Trump Has Exciting New Real Estate Opportunity For You, Syria!

What a time to be a Syrian, eh? Murderous clowns to the left of you, racist jokers to the right. And then there's Donald J. Trump, with a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity you will not want to miss: Mr. Trump said he would...

Republicans So Awful, Obama Wishes They’d Be More Like Bush

Here is your foreign secret Muslim "president" Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro O'Bama, saying some sounds about how "refugees" are not the same thing as "terrorists." As if! That's exactly what he would say, isn't it? If he didn't really love America and want to keep...

GOP: Give Us Your Tired And Your Poor And Your Jesus-Lovers Only

Don't you just hate religious radicals who think their god is the best god and everyone else should go away, convert, or die in a fire? They're always trying to wipe out the unbelievers, murder the heathens even in...