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Hey, history buffs, or historians in the buff as the case may be. After a brief detour into the novelistic sludge of America’s Greatest Artist, we’re back to our American History textbooks for the Christian school and homeschooling market. This week, once again, we’ve got a real contrast: someone seems to have let a real […]

Wow, today must be Daily Caller Debunks Everything Badly Day! Not only has Tucker Carlson’s Home For Angry White Men exposed Cory Booker as a carpetbagging friend of predatory raccoons, it has also completely blown the credibility of “The American Indian leader spearheading the campaign to change the name of the Washington Redskins” (see what […]

We have to admit that we are getting quite an education from our American History textbooks for Christian schools. Last week, for instance, we learned that slavery was unpleasant but had its benefits, like those pretty spirituals. This week, we’ll look at the Second Great Awakening, a period of evangelical growth in the early 19th […]

After all the sex and excitement of the Revolutionary War and the writing of the Constitution, our American History textbooks for Christian schools present us with something of a challenge: there’s just not all that much crazy for them to say about the following few decades of history. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff that […]

Welcome, time tourists! Ready for some Colonial American fun? This week, we continue our autopsy of two American History texts for homeschoolers and Christian schools: a high school text from Bob Jones University Press, United States History for Christian Schools, and an 8th-grade text from A Beka Book, America: Land I Love. As we’ve noted […]

Greetings, Wonkademics! So glad you could roll up for our magical history tour! This week, we continue our look at two textbooks for homeschoolers and Christian schools, the 8th-grade text from A Beka Book, America: Land I Love, and Bob Jones University Press’s backpack-burster for 11th/12th graders, United States History for Christian Schools. This time […]

America has called, and Eric Cantor has answered. He and his compatriots in the GOP Cavalry will block the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (stilllllll) until one little bit of total nonsense, which nobody would miss, is removed. So which of the LIEBERALS’ poison pills is holding up VAWA? Is it the stuff […]

Tonight at 7PM EST, Miss Lady Rebecca will be live-blogging Massachusetts Senate debate between war-whoopin’ Scott Brown and getting rapidly more pissed off about this whole thing Elizabeth Warren. Be here! Be attentive! Listen for the not-at-all-veiled racism!

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has a second ad out accusing Elizabeth Warren of being totally Indian or something — we can’t remember quite what the accusation is since we’re still a little gobsmacked that in The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twelve, someone in the US of A is specifically running a campaign […]

Hey, everybody, settle in and let’s hear a story about the great American state of Oklahoma. See, once upon a time there were Native Americans living in the Southeastern United States, and they said, “Hey, these white people moving in have some good ideas about society, maybe let’s live more like them!” And the white […]

Hey, remember when Scott Brown was all about being a “nice,” “bipartisan” guy, one whom Massholes could send to the US Senate — even though he was a Republican — because when confronted with, say, a starving homeless child, he didn’t automatically light that starving homeless child on fire? Yeah, that’s not really how he’s […]

Happy day after a long weekend! Here’s a list of news items that’ll likely bring upon a series of existential questions upon you – do you care what Google thinks of you? Would you sell your soul for coal? Are you going to watch Glenn Beck’s series for the laughs? Think hard on that one. It costs […]

Woah woah woah, you guys thought Bryan Fischer hates Native Americans? Why would you ever think that? Would it be from all the columns he’s written about how they’re disgusting drunken savages with no morals who don’t deserve to live in this country? You’re an idiot. You know why? Bryan Fischer likes one (1) whole […]

American Family Association resident expert/terrible human Bryan Fischer decided last week that it was okay for white people to take America from the Indians because Native Americans are savages. He’s a mercantile-charter strict constructionist, in other words. But apparently the Injuns found his ranch house and put their tomahawks to his scalp, because the preacher […]

The American Family Association’s Chief Being Racist Correspondent Bryan Fischer has already warned us about Barack Obama giving America’s lands back to the Injuns. But did you know it never really belonged to them in the first place, because they didn’t have Christian “morals”? “Time eventually ran out for the Canaanites, because they filled up […]