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Hey kids, do you want to grow up to be a journalist? Here’s what journalists do: Spread official lies in the “mainstream media,” and also ignore whatever is actually happening around them, and always show the proper decorum when dealing with the Rich & Powerful. What else? Oh yeah, a good journalist also spends his […]

Did you attend the funny comedy event on Friday at the National Press Club, at which many Washington news media elitists performed “stand-up comedy,” for charity? As part of this embarrassing spectacle, the participating DC journalists were forced to answer a question submitted by your Wonkette. And the answers were fairly entertaining, except for the […]

With the leaders of the free world having group-hugged their economies into financial stability, there’s nothing much left for the journalists to Twitter about. Instead, the Washington media elite will try to be funny, for charity. Tonight, the National Press Club is hosting Commedia dell Media, an “evening of comedy” with “DC’s most respected journalists.” […]

Well. The National Press Club, Washington’s very Esteemed Lunch Club for reporters, has allowed Larry Sinclair to book 2.5 hours worth of prime real estate on June 18. Larry Sinclair is the guy who claimed he had hot gay blowjobs and did coke with Barack Obama in a hilariously fabricated YouTube video, and hasn’t given […]

In the event that Iranian Space Monsters bomb everything in the entire world and Internet tonight except the National Press Club, you may consider attending its lecture tomorrow from this Presidential Candidate of the “Proudican” party, where he will explain his unique “prolutions,” which are either “progressive solutions” or “masturbatory conspiracy salons.” [National Press Club]

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