national organization for marriage

If you’re having a party to advocate keeping the gays second-class citizens as long as possible and holding it in the very best swampy heat that Washington, DC has to offer, there are many things you need to ask yourself. In addition to questioning any number of your life choices, you must decide what to […]

Yesterday, you may have noticed that it was a key date in the history of American civil rights. On June 19, 1964, the Senate passed the Civil Rights Act, which Lyndon B. Johnson would sign two weeks later on July 2. But after this year, no one will remember anything about that stupid old Civil […]

Like most of you, I do find fundamentalist Christians amusing, like clowns. Such merry puppets, spinning around and around!  Sometimes, however, it seems like they’ve gone into reruns: it’s all gays, gays, gays, and fetuses, fetuses, fetuses all the time, tsk. Our beloved Jesusy minstrels need some fresh material! What’s really a shame is that […]

Don’t look now, but marriage as we know it is crumbling. Seriously, the allure of man-on-dog-on-oak-tree action is running rampant, and Uncle Sam is doing nothing but encouraging these unnatural homosexual unions, and treating gay people like people, which is UNACCEPTABLE. Attorney General Eric Holder is pushing this ‘all men created equal’ bullshit even further, […]

We know everyone is shocked — SHOCKED — that a conservative christian reality teevee star thinks that gays are super-icky because who would want buttsechs in the bumbum when the sweet sweet vajayjay is RIGHT THERE for the taking?!? In fact, we know many women who completely agree that the vajayjay is, indeed, rather awesome. […]

We had such high hopes for the greatest tete a tete of this or any era, When Maggie Met K-Lo. But it turns out, when you get two overly repressed spinsters together to kaffeeklatsch on Gays and Stuff, it is actually really fucking boring. Maggie and K-Lo are all like, boo Karl Rove, boo truces, […]

Have you been missing the illustrious minds over at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM nom nom nom nom)? Probably! Perhaps since it isn’t election season and teh gheys aren’t all up in your face demanding equality, you have forgotten about NOM, much like you forgot about Dre. Don’t sweat it, though. Much like the […]

Have any of our Wonkette readers ever been to a Foreign Country? Haha, oh my heck, no, of course not! All Godjesus-worshipping Americans know that all other countries are full of squalor and general brown-ness and should only be visited for the purposes of converting their heathen denizens to the one true religion of American […]

What if they held a boycott and nobody stayed home? Protectors of traditional missionary-position-only marriage between straight people have been trying, without much success, to make big corporations stop being so darn gay. By most measures, the “One Million Moms” boycott of JC Penney Co and the The National Organization For Marriage boycotts of Starbucks […]

Good news, white people! We have found some actual black racists at a Michigan Gay Day event, so because of this, you are correct that whites are never bigots! LOGIC! Yay you! And in heartening news for the National Organization for Marriage, they are super gay-hatey too! And to echo the immortal plea of Abigail […]

The very scary National Organization for Marriage folks have launched this new initiative, “2 Million For Marriage,” about trolling for hot anal sex on Craigslist. This group is still not considered a parody, for the record. [NOM via TPM]

Check out these idiots — or at least actors pretending to be idiots — from the comically named “National Organization for Marriage,” warning everyone that the fucking faggots are coming to eat and smash and feel up your christened conservative babies in Iowa and places! “There’s a storm gathering. The clouds are dark, and the […]