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Hey Georgia Democrats! Give Donald Trump A Big Black Eye Today — WITH ACTUAL VOTES

No way does Trump get any more feathers in his cap.

LOL Kellyanne Conway, Numbers Is Hard!

Time for your morning update on Kellyanne Conway LOL U Suck.

Early Voters (Of The Mexican Type) May Have Already Saved America From Spray-Tan Hitler!

Dear sane people: RELAX. And VOTE. Are you relaxing, and also voting? Do that right now!

Barack Obama Tells Donald Trump To Stop Being Such A Pussy About The Election

President Obama is pretty sure Donald Trump doesn't have what it takes to live in the White House.
You have GOT to be freaking kidding me.

LOL Hillary Clinton Might Win Mississippi, Yes We Said MISSISSIPPI

Mississippi could become a 'battleground state' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

How Many Blue States Is Donald Trump Imaginary Winning In This Week? So Many!

Hey Trumpkins! Are you sick of winning YET? Because my god, Trump is just winning so hard, all over the place these days, and you've got to have some serious winning fatigue by now! As we learned Tuesday, Trump...

Aw, Cute! Trumpkins Have Their Own Site Now That Says Trump Is WINNING In The Polls!

Once again, we have another dispatch from the Trumperverse, the parallel universe in which Donald Trump is a very respectful and humble person, who is totally going to win this election. As we mentioned the last time we visited...

Are You Saying Boo, Or Boo-nie Sanders?

There were a lot of boo-birds at the first night of the DNC. Or were there that many, really?

Indiana Primary Sexxxing Up Democracy Right Now, For America

OH HEY INDIANA, LOOK AT YOUR HANDSOME ASSES RIGHT NOW! You are doing #Democracy, by voting in your presidential primary! You better go fast though, because polls close at 6 PM local time, which for most of the state...

It’s Super Tuesday Again! (For The Eleventy-Millionth Damn Time)

Now updated with some results! Hey, people in the Northeast who don't live in New York or Massachusetts or whatever! You live in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, and you are wearing a sticker on your boob...

Wisconsin Cheesedicks, It’s Your Turn To Do Some Democracy!

Oh hey, Wisconsin people, are you voting right now? YOU SHOULD BE VOTING RIGHT NOW, because today is the day youse guys are supposed to pass through all the stop 'n' go lights on your way to your polling...

Marco Rubio Must Have Learned His Peculiar Primary Delegate Math From Common Core

If you watched the Nevada results rolling in last night, you no doubt saw one million Republican strategists (looking at you, Nicole Wallace on MSNBC) trying to simultaneously explain how it was totally cool and great that Trump might...

Old Handsome Joe Biden Has Ten Percent Chance Of Becoming Earth’s Most Important Human Tonight

Every once in a while, some lucky American who is not the president gets to be The Most Important Human Being On Earth. For a while, it was Olympia Snowe! Sometimes, it was that schmuck from Nebraska, Ben something,...
The first time I set eyes on Nate Silver, I just got that old-fashioned romantic feeling where I'd do anything to bone him.

How Every Endangered Senate Democrat Will Win In November, Because Why Not

It looks like Republicans are probably going to control the Senate next year despite how people don't like them, according to Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight blog and other respected nerds. In 2012, Silver famously predicted the winner of every Senate race,...

Nate Silver Whinings Playbook: Why Doesn’t Paul Krugman Love Him No More?

We have complex feels about Nate Silver's new data driven context providing empire, 538. We like it better than Ezra Klein's well-funded vanity project, but then Silver slatepitch hired a climate change skeptic. We're tipping fast towards unlike, however,...