Hey, remember that Alberto Gonzales guy? Not the baseball player, the guy who was Skippy Bush’s White House Counsel and then later the Attorney General — had kind of a habit of firing U.S. Attorneys that weren’t friendly enough to the Bush Administration, and of course he was kind of big on torture, because it […]

If you mosey on over to Happy Nice Time People today (WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO), you can learn all about how teevee’s “Nashville” is getting better song-wise, the movie The Wind Rises is gorgeous, and what baseball writer you should be reading. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. We’ll also chat at you about how everybody […]

Let’s say you really want to get back at some journalists who have been a pain in the ass, requesting a lot of information on a criminal case and just generally being nosey buttinskies. What to do, what to do… how about introducing a bill that would make all details of rape cases secret except […]

A Nashville guy who claims he’s a member of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s church is suing A&E Network for its suspension of Robertson. Chris Sevier claims that the private company’s personnel decision will have a chilling effect on decent Christian weirdos like himself, inhibiting them from preaching damnation for the gheys. For good measure, […]

Nashville paranoids were well and truly trolled last week by a fake website claiming that the city’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center, which had been damaged by severe flooding in 2010 and just last month escaped foreclosure, would soon be converted into a mosque. Vigilant protectors of Constitutional religious freedom all that is good and true and […]

The vicious professional Muslim-haters of the anti-religious freedom organization “Preserving Freedom Conference” were all set to make their pretty pennies holding a sweaty, paranoid circle jerk for Islamo-fear fetishists at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, but the mean venue owners canceled their booking contract after they realized it might be bad for business to be […]

THERE HAVE BEEN GREAT MOMENTS IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN RHETORIC. Yet there has been only one occasion of pure, unadulterated genius. That’s what happened last night: a debate staged between the Internet’s favorite Tennessee gubernatorial candidate, Basil Marceaux, and two other crazies.

Well this is just awful: an African-American couple who were about to close on a vacation home in Lebanon, Tennessee found “a drawing of a man hanging from a noose and a racial epithet sketched on the property’s masonry entrance,” reports The Tennessean. The couple, Kenneth and Deborah Boyd, say they “had to reassure” their […]

Matt Yglesias is reaping the many benefits of “blogging whilst standing” — a yoga position championed by Donald Rumsfeld. [Matt Yglesias] A squadron of Eliot Ness Zombies raided a bar in Philly and confiscated a bunch of microbrew IPAs and a keg of Miller Genuine Draft Light 64. [Hit & Run] Does a Grey Poupon […]

The class act to your left right [WE MOVED THE PICTURE] is elderly Nashville Anger Bear Harry Weisiger, who simply does not care for this Obama or any of his stupid tax ‘n’ spend commie faerie fans, especially the ones who showboat. Yesterday, he saw one of these gloating fucksticks ahead of him in traffic, […]

Here is that remarkable video from last night, just after the debate. The news channels quickly cut to their commentators and spin rooms and such, but the C-SPAN cameras stayed as long as there was a candidate in the room. Here’s what to watch for:

Seriously, what was up with that super boring debate last night? John McCain was supposed to call Barack Obama a terrorist pal, and then Barack Obama was supposed to say “Hey man that is just wrong” and rip off McCain’s testicles and sauté them gently before feeding them to Tom Brokaw with un sauce béarnaise […]

Ron Paul’s exciting all-day sports arena concert in Minneapolis was really missing only one thing: actual entertainment of some kind for the Paultards expected to pay $17.76 (get it?!) plus five-hundred dollars in Ticketmaster fees for the special privilege of sitting with other Paultards in a sports arena just a few miles from the fancy […]