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Trump Building Walls In Ireland Too

Donald Trump acknowledges climate change isn't 'bullshit' or 'a hoax' when it's threatening his Irish golf course.
Detach lower part of Sun at perforations

Science News! Planet Mercury Doing Cool Thing Today. Go Watch It On The Internet!

Don't look directly at the Sun or you'll go blind. Unlike that other thing you do that won't make that happen.
How is this helping the war effort? IT ISN'T!

Barack Obama Records 15 Minutes Of Science Teevee. WHY ISN’T HE KILLING ISIS???

a href="http://wonkette.com/580555/girl-scouts-show-obama-science-projects-he-did-not-build"One of the nice things the White House does every year is its Science Fair, which is usually good for some nifty videos of Barack Obama playing with a marshmallow cannon or meeting adorable Super Girl Scouts who...
Idea hat.

Louie Gohmert Knows Dr. King Did Not Die So Scientists Could Have A Bunch Of Vaginas

Know what's super? How the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed TWO bills on Tuesday, both of which were very Nice-Nice and all 'bout gettin' some girls all up in science's grill. That's a good thing, yeah? Because everybody knows far...
This would explain a lot about Herman Cain's campaign

Your Saturday Nerdout: 1969 Anti-LSD Film Features Screaming Hot Dog Freakout

It's your Saturday, so it's time for your Saturday Nerdout. We've got a trippy anti-drug film with a terrifying troll-faced hot dog, the ugly dystopian reality behind Pokémon, a look at how NASA and NPR helped an old engineer...
Borned stupid.

Ted Cruz Dumber Than Babies, According To Scientists

At last, we have an answer to the age-old question, "For real, which Republican presidential candidate is the stupidest?" Is it Jeb Bush, having to fix everything he touches because he broked it? Is it Ben Carson, with his...
We don't remember seeing this one at all. We must seek it out!

It’s Alive! Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is ALIVE! Your Weekend Nerdout

Happy Sunday Nerding to you all, Wonkers! Hope you are enjoying your weekly powered-down mode interval; as for us, we are toiling away in the snark mines, bringing you nothing but the finest possible nerdstuff, not to mention the...

Texas Rep. Not Saying Obama Made Up Climate Change Hoax, He’s Just Askin’

In Texas, every schoolboy learns, apparently, that he can say anything, no matter how crazy it sounds, so long as he's just askin' what everyone's a-thinkin', is all. Don't you dare accuse Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of saying President Obama is a...
Hello, IT. Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?

Doomsday e-Church Tries Turning Apocalypse Off And On Again: Your Saturday Nerdout

Happy Saturday, nerds! As you may have noticed, the world did not end Wednesday, even though it was very definitely supposed to, and it seems that the only people surprised by this development were the members of the eBible...
Latest images from Curiosity rover

NASA Finds Water On Mars, Dan Quayle Still Wrong

Exciting nerd news, as NASA confirmed what had been suspected for a while now: Mars has liquid water! At least some of the time, under the right conditions. Scientists reported on Monday definitive signs of liquid water on the surface...
The living will envy the dead

Run For Your Lives, The Apocalypse Is Coming, And This Time It’s Mormon!

Any time you start getting too cocky about how we're a modern technological society that has space exploration and fancy digital watches and everything, it's nice to see a reminder that at least some of us are still impressed...
Note the Leia-bun knit cap

You Know You Want This Star Wars Speeder Bike Rocking Horse: Your Saturday Nerdout

It's your Saturday geek-out, so have another bulb of coffee, or tranya, or Romulan ale -- it's the weekend after all -- and enjoy. Most Awesomest Nerd Dad Ever Builds little Speeder Bike An Australian dad and Instructables addict, ‘Tez Gelmir,’...
But is it a 'Class M' planet?

NASA Discovers Earthlike Planet For Donald Trump To Be President Of: Your Saturday Nerdout

It's Saturday, and time to be ridin' Nerdy. We really wanted to show you an allegedly cool video of Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining the history of the universe in under eight minutes, but it got "removed as a violation...
RIP straight marriage

Butthurt Missouri County To Spend Year Mourning Gay-Murder Of Marriage

There are sad losers and really sad losers, and then there's this un-freaking-believably pathetic three-person commission in Dent County, Missouri, who unanimously voted to spend the next 12 months crying like Nancy Kerrigan with a skinned knee because BOO HOO GAY MARRIAGE....
And Hitler believed in germs!

Science Nerds To Climate Deniers: Wanna Bet ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Real? For Real, Wanna Bet?

We're pretty sure this counts as Nice Time, or something close to it: The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), the pro-science group that challenges pseudoscience and paranormal claims, has challenged the climate-change deniers at the Heartland Institute, which loves...
Ready for her close-up

Of Course Fake ‘Black’ Lady Will Get Reality TV Show Now, Because America

In our noble and oh-so-exceptional country, panels of men explain how ladies and their parts work, "not a scientist" politicians teach us about science and how it's all fake anyway, and people who think we're the U.S. of Jesus tell Jews how to...