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Tag: narcos

Why are bad guys always captured in dirty sleeveless undershirts? WHY?

Sean Penn Farted On El Chapo, Lived To Tell The Tale

Of all the people we'd expect to be involved with the arrest of the world's most wanted international drug lord, "Sean Penn" was pretty low on the list, below "David Tennant" (but way above "Bill O'Reilly"). And yet Penn's...

Hey Why Are All These Mexican Mormons Drinking Tequila All The Time Anyway?

Does Mitt Romney secretly drink tequila? (No.) But his Mexican cousins do, in between getting kidnapped by the cartels and then "accidentally" shooting them, also too. In this installment of Vice's tour through the Mexican Mormon/cartel death match, the...

Mitt’s Mexican Family, Part Two: Homicidal Polygamist Goes On Blood Atonement Spree

Yesterday, when we brought you Part One of Vice's intrepid trip to Juarez to meet up with Mitt Romney's Mexican Mormon cousins fighting the cartels, a whole bunch of you were all "waaah we hate hipsters" and "waaah we...