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Beloved cartoon character Elmer Fudd proclaims it's Rabid Season

Team Of Evils: Jeff Sessions Was Too Racist To Be A Federal Judge, But He Could Be Your Next Attorney General!

Yes, that election happened. And here's your proof that it's not just a bad dream.
Show everyone you voted

Nice Time Election News: Federal Judges Quite Insistent On Letting People Vote!

Democracy is breaking out all over the USA, and it's not even Spring

Alabama Secretary Of State Respects Martin Luther King Too Much To Make Voting Easier

Well SOMEBODY'S doing the rigging!
Offer void where brown

North Carolina Creatively Screwing Black People Who Are Trying To Vote

Nauseating and outrageous. That's about it.
Now new and improved!

Texas Still Doing All It Can To Keep Filthy Americans From Voting

Texas just wants to stamp out the nonexistent fraud and rig elections for Republicans. Is that so wrong?

Michael Jordan Would Like To Have A Word With You People About Police Violence

Michael Jordan is a very big superstar important person! Will this help change the conversation?

The Republican National Convention Is Going To Be Just So Gosh Darn Swell!

Nobody wants to go to Cleveland's big Republican National Convention hoop-de-doo :(

No, The KKK Is Not And Has Never Been Liberal: A Historysplainer

Of course the Ku Klux Klan was never on the side of liberals and progress. This goes without saying. There can't possibly be anyone who disputes this basic notion, could there? Of course there could. Of fucking course there could....
Team Shirley 4-Evar

Dead Breitbart’s Ghost Forced To Pay Up For Murdering Shirley Sherrod’s Career

Remember about a million years ago in 2010 when Barack Obama was still just getting started on his project of turning all Americans against each other by being a huge racist who forced teabaggers to bring racist signs to...
You mean empathy isn't a dirty word? Even for *lawbreakers*?

Barack Obama Goes To Prison. Sorry, Wingnuts, He’s Just Visiting

Barack Obama made a bit of history Thursday, becoming the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. This follows a pretty impressive speech to the NAACP Wednesday, in which he said some things that, for a Democrat in...
Lower yourself down gently, gently!

Wingnut Tennessee Rep Lady Named ‘Butt’ Has Dick All Over New Campaign Logo

Tennessee state Rep. Sheila Butt is an asshole, and her new campaign logo looks like a vertically erect cock in the process of opening fire, and she is promoting it with the hashtag #StandWithSheila. IN YOUR PANTS! Butt is one of...

Let’s Go Spit All Over Minneapolis, Because It’s Legal Now!

A dozen members of the Minneapolis city council voted Friday to repeal century-old laws against lurking and spitting, leaving the city's population dangerously vulnerable to train-jumpers and tuberculosis carriers. Critics of the laws cited a damning ACLU report that showed they were disproportionately...
John Boehner won't stop crying unless you donate dollars to yr Wonkette. OR WILL HE?

Here Is John Boehner, Too Drunk To F*ck (Video)

Award-winning journalist (lol) Chuck C. Johnson has been promising us many SCOOPS this week! While we are still waiting on pins and needles and tenterhooks and fishbaits to find out which conservative politician's CAREER Chuck is going to END...
The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker

The Fartknocker Report: Help, Help, Sarah Palin Is Being Repressed!

In one of her three new videos this week — seven minutes and 34 seconds of total run time, for those keeping score at home — Sarah Palin decided to squawk about Lois Lerner, because apparently that horse is not...
See, the glowy stuff there at the top is God

Virginia Guy Knows Who Ended Slavery, And It Was Definitely Not ‘The Government’

A Leesburg, Virginia, town councilman has a novel theory of how American slavery came to an end: God did it, not big government. We're inclined to think perhaps He had a little help from Ulysses S. Grant and William...

Tennessee Lawmaker Lady Named Butt Not Racist, Just Loves White People

Gather round, little children, your Tennessee Wonkette has a nice story for you! It is about one of our august state representatives, a gentlelady by the name of Sheila Butt, who once said there would be no global warming...